Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale explained

August 18, 2022
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The ultimate reveal is quite disappointing as it seemed from nine episodes of high tension that there would be a grander reveal.

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The ultimate reveal is quite disappointing as it seemed from nine episodes of high tension that there would be a grander reveal.

This recap of the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 10, “Final Girls,” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

Imogen asks the Liars whether Sheriff Beasley is A. The Liars wonder why their Moms never mentioned it nor say that there was a rumor that Sheriff Beasley raped Angela. Kelly meets with Faran and reveals that she is under home arrest as her father starts to lose control.

As a result, Faran tells Kelly the truth. Tabby tells Imogen her theory about Chip; when they search his bedroom for Imogen’s underwear and find nothing, they confront him. Imogen tells her that they have proof, her baby. So they ask him why he raped them both, and he comes clean. When he comes clean and claims he won’t do it again, Tabby and Imogen promise to bring him down. 

And A appears! Imogen tells A that Chip hurt them the way Sheriff Beasley hurt Angela, and then A follows Chip. But did A kill Chip? The following morning they receive a text from A informing them that their final round is coming.

The Liars then decide that it’s not a case of who can tell them more information, but rather what. The next thing Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin shows us is the Liars searching around Angela’s old home whilst each of the Moms gets attacked by A. Whilst searching through Angela’s house, the Liars learn that there may have been two Angela Waters. When the Liars find a photo of two children together, they all receive a photo text of their Moms being held hostage.

They follow A’s trail and split up. They find A has Madame Giry, Chip, Steve, and Noa’s Mom’s drug dealer. Each Liar must hurt/damage the individual, but they refuse. As for Imogen, she finds her Mom’s body with a note that says the truth is in her mouth.

After A congratulates them on showing mercy, A tells them that the trial begins now. Seconds later, the Liars are led towards the Moms and A, with Principal Clanton stepping out mere seconds later and confirming that A is Archie, aka Angela’s brother. When Kelly goes to help her friends, Sheriff Beasley forbids her from going out.

Principal Clanton reveals he is Angela and Archie’s (A) father. He adds that when Rose got pregnant with twins, her parents didn’t approve, so they had the children sent away.

But years later, Rose wanted Angela to attend the school (whilst Archie stayed as he had a face only a mother could love), and Principal Clanton was happy to quietly watch his daughter grow up. When Sheriff Beasley pulls a gun on Kelly, Martha snaps and stabs him in the stomach. Kelly then runs to Greg and asks for his help.

The ending

A flashback shows that when Angela revealed that Tommy, Davie’s boyfriend, raped her, it resulted in Davie turning on Angela. And it was Davie who decided to “erase Angela Waters by making her invisible”.

However, the final nail in the coffin was when Davie invited Angela to that infamous rave. Imogen says that Davie changed, but Principal Clanton doesn’t care. He still wants Davie to pay with Imogen’s death.

Yet he still offers Imogen a head start as she’s pregnant. She flees outside as Archie follows her, but then she starts to have contractions. Inside, Principal Clanton reveals he plans to frame everything on Sheriff Beasley.

Just then, Kelly reveals that Sheriff Beasley has already got what’s coming. In the commotion that follows, Principal Clanton shoots Greg, before someone hits him over the head.

Imogen attacks Archie and ultimately is able to stab him (to death, perhaps?). Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin cuts to Imogen in hospital after giving birth to a baby girl, where it gets revealed that Sheriff Beasley and Archie (Creeper) survived their attacks whilst Principal Clanton and Chip have both been arrested. 

In the closing section of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Imogen tends to her mother’s grave after she gets reburied. When everyone celebrates Christmas together, Noa’s Mom reveals that she’ll be checking into rehab, whilst Mouse’s Moms reveal they’ll be going to couples therapy.

But it’s not all happy celebrations as they learn that Chip is home on bail, so Imogen and Tabby decide that they want to press charges. As Imogen states that she believes it’s finally over, someone stabs Sheriff Beasley to death in the hospital, and A attacks Chip just as it cuts to the credits.

Overall, a good episode, but I’m quite disappointed with Principal Clanton being the mastermind. Even though I never considered him being involved with A, I really wanted a much bigger character to reveal themselves as the baddie. But what did you think? Did you predict Principal Clanton’s involvement, and/or were you happy with the reveal?

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