The Outlaws season 2, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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I’m starting to think Rani is not as bright as anyone perceives in The Outlaws, who keep falling into the same trap since the first season.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 1 contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 1 recap

The season begins with Rani being bound and a hood being placed over her head. She is driving around in a van, and the road is lit up with fluorescent lights. When they arrive at their destination, the hood is taken off, and she is staring straight at a familiar face. It is Christian, and he does not look happy. The scene fades to black, and the words 72 hours earlier appear.

Rani arrives at Ben’s, and his sister Esme is there. She needs a place to crash. She correctly gives Rani a tough time about liking her brother. Lady Gabby is out of control and partying it up the entire night. John somehow has managed to keep his father’s business afloat. Frank is still at his daughter’s home, and his grandson holds the money hostage. Finally, Myrna still sees the ghost of that police officer who perished during her violent protest. Meanwhile, Gregory still represents Gabby trying to cut down her spending since her father cut her off. Diane is joining the community support team to be an unarmed officer so that it will look good on her application to the police department in a year or so.

Christian, the drug dealer who Ben stole the phone for (and money) that inadvertently framed him, drove by The Outlaws as they continued to clean up the community center. (This should have been done by now). He makes the hand sign of a gun towards them, and now Ben brings everyone in on the money issue, including Rani. They cannot get the money back because John and Myrna spent it, and Frank’s grandson has his share. Myrna spent hers on her activist group, and John placed the money in the company, which is ironic because the following day, his father made a powerplay and forced him out even though John took the money and laundered it to finance his father’s failing establishment.

Later, Ben makes a deal with Christian to end the feud. He wants The Dean’s number. So, Ben calls him while holding his associate at gunpoint. Ben tells him that he was the one who stole his money and confirmed for The Dean his associates were not part of it. In good faith, he hands over the “line” (a phone filled with The Dean’s contacts) to call off his attack dogs. The bad guy tells them they have a deal, but something tells me he will still be looking for Ben.

Rani and her mother talk. She wants her to come home, watch a little bit of Graham Norton and then go to Oxford. Rani refuses and heads to the club where Ben is working. She gets drunk, and Ben, the gentleman, takes her home and tucks her into bed. She comes out later. He is sleeping on the floor next to the couch. That is when they hear someone at the door. Ben thinks it is his sister, but two masked men grab them both.

The ending

We are brought back to the first scene of the second season. When Rani sees Christian, she now looks down and sees him kneeling in front of her, with his hands tied. She looks to her right, and there is Ben, tied up in the same manner. They are both kneeling on plastic. The Dean then walks in and demands to know about the money. Souljah joins him. He ratted out Christian. However, when The Dean has Christian sit and put his feet up, The Dean stomps his leg, breaking it.

Why? He does not like snitches. The Dean then puts Ben’s head in a plastic bag and begins to suffocate him. Rani begs him to stop and promises they will pay him back the money. How? She tells The Dean because she is brilliant and has a scholarship to Oxford. (Okay, maybe he should check references first, right?).

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