The Outlaws season 2, episode 2 recap – a lack of ideas

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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The Outlaws takes basic business concepts to start their new eight-week drug kingdom without bothering with details by just asking the viewer to assume these bunch of screw-ups know what they are talking about.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 2 contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 2 recap

Rani promised The Dean he would get his money back in eight weeks, and things look bleak. The only thing Ben and Rani can think of doing, with Christian’s objections, is to call the police. But just as Rani is talking to Sgt. Haines, all three receive alerts on their phones with videos and a sniper rifle pointed at their loved ones.

Rani and Ben go to their fellow community service friends who took the money to ask for it back. However, John, Frank, and Myrna have already spent it. Frank put it into the business. Frank paid off his daughter’s mortgage. Myrna put the money into her organization. They all promise to get it back, which seems impossible, but is a better alternative than selling drugs — which is what Rani suggests.

The problem is they all strike out. John no longer has access to the business because his father fired him. He is denied a loan, and while he is banking on his 19 years of management experience to land a job, his prospects do not look bright. Myrna would have to deplete her organization. When Frank gets the rest of the money, he finds his daughter has placed the remaining dollars in college funds for her children.

So, even though drugs have ruined Ben’s family, Rani convinces him to give in only eight weeks, and then they will stop. Rani and Ben come over to Christian. And while he objects at first, they turn him. He then takes them on a crash course, a Master Class if you will, on how to run a drug operation in Bristol. Rani is the brains; Ben will be the muscle. And John has found the job he deserves — managing the business side of Christian’s drug dealings.

The problem now is marketing. You cannot just write a flyer saying, “Buy Drugs Here!” Rani comes out with a plan to gain mailing lists, John’s suggestion for direct marketing, to expand the business outside their local base. Ben will grab the mailing lists from the club he works at. Myrna will catch the one from the BJC. Rani will play the role of the college student and find a direct line to students. Gregory will then get Gabby to perform at the club and make the announcement to her 1.2-million-dollar followers. So, they will wipe away the humungous bar tab that she cannot pay.

The ending

In a scene from a Steve Soderbergh movie where he has a bunch of his Hollywood actor friends looking for a grand payday, Gregory distracts the club owner and has Ben break into his computer to steal his mailing list. Myrna needs to hand work a mouse and does not know how to drag and drop a file onto a USB drive, so John has to run over it. Lastly, Rani avoids a pompous sexual harasser at Oxford University who invites her out and violates her personal space. He leaves, and she downloads the data before security catches her.

They combine the lists and send enough to, what John suggests, to get a 50% response rate. Ben comes up with a code name, “Coffee,” as a code name for their product. The show ends with The Outlaws waiting for their responses, and the orders pour in. Haines and Selforth have identified who The Dean is. They then draw an arrow down to a picture of Christian. Finally, they draw an arrow to the right that points to a giant question mark.

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