The Outlaws season 2, episode 3 recap – Christopher Walken takes center stage

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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Christopher Walken stands out in the latest episode as his character takes center stage.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 3 contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 3 recap

The business is booming on The Outlaws. Selling drugs to high-priced lawyers, college students outside cages, and club patrons. Rani oversees the operation. John manages customer satisfaction. Gregory and Frank are both in charge of a two-fold money laundering system. The latter goes to the casino, and the one mentioned earlier uses Gabby to ensure it is squeaky clean. And Myriam? She is handing out flyers that do not do drugs to all the clients.

While business is good, remember The Michael Scott Paper Company issue years ago on The Office. The more production, the increase in costs, and you will need to take on more clients, which means more overhead. Ben makes a deal with two kids to give them five pounds for every possible “salesman” they find. However, there is another problem. Using Gabby, the casino, and another shell corporation Gregory set up is insufficient without drawing attention. No one can launder and wash that much money. Rani and company have become the Pablo Escobar of the West.

Yet things do not go as planned. Rani wants to ignore most of Ben’s objections over new drug runners. One of them robs Gregory’s coworker, Spencer, at knifepoint. Yes, Rani needs to vet her employees. Spencer then goes to the police officers to have them sign off on his insurance form, but Haines hears how the “robbery” went down and pulls him inside for questioning because she says it sounds like it involved drugs. Spencer relents but then gives in and offers a description.

The police catch the little psycho, who is 18 years of age. Christian hears about the arrest and calls Rani and Ben to yell at them. He cannot believe his ears. These two hired this kid and let their new hires see their faces! This adult kid will be charged with a minimum of 10 years in prison so that they will flip on Rani and Ben quickly. Haines, stoic and cold, question the child. She tells them the horrors of prison. He was about to give everyone up when Gregory storms in to offer him free legal counsel.

Meanwhile, Gabby is accused of being a white savior and a white supremacist for supporting the BJC on an Instagram page. While Gabby issues a statement apologizing for her insensitive comments about being a white savior, Myrna comes out and refuses to let her resign from the BJC. Then John tries to get his job back, but his father refuses. He wants him to pull himself up by his bootstraps as he did. (I am not sure why John is not mentioning that he invested a lot of money into the company and make a power play of his own).

The ending

The episode ends with Rani and Ben threatening Spencer into dropping the charges, which he does. Crisis averted, for now. And for once, Haines does not keep her calm. However, remember when the team sent out random texts to drum up business? Well, one went to Haines’s partner. They now have found a new lead and set up a sting to take pictures of a drug drop they set up.

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