The Outlaws season 2, episode 4 recap – further excursions

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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The Outlaws is at its best when Jessica Gunning is a focal point of the episode, and besides, Stephen Merchant remains the funniest player in the show.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 4 contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 4 recap

At The Outlaws board meeting, Rani meets Christian in prison, who was battered and bruised by The Dean’s thugs. They have two weeks left and are currently on target, but they are low on product. Crack is their best seller, in case you were wondering. Christian tells Rani how impressed he is. However, the Brookhill gang is operating, and Haines and company want to set up a sting for the next two weeks. Rani gathers her team, assigning John, Gregory, Myrna, and Frank to pick up supplies and cook some refined crack cocaine tonight. The team objects, but Rani cannot help because she must intimidate the local kids she hired to push sales passed the finish line.

What happens next is the most awkward drug exchange you will ever see. The Dean pulls to the side of John’s car with Myrna. You cannot find proper professional drug dealers these days. The Dean must show John how to pay him with money in an envelope and pretend to drop his keys next to the tire. Then, place it there. When they make the exchange, they drive away, and a police officer pulls them over for driving 40 mph in a 30mph zone. John begins to panic and sweat when the officer heads back to his cruiser to write the ticket. To help him, Myrna empties her bag and puts several bounds of cocaine on the dashboard. Luckily, they put it back before he could see it.

The rest of the team is on excursions, which makes me think the writers are trying to fill the script with a lot of fluff. While John helps cook the product, Myrna must attend a BJC meeting. Gabby sets up a practice date for Gregory with Diane. This may have been a way to get him out of his house because Gabby tries to get back with her ex-girlfriend because she is now clean — this must have been the reason for the breakup. Frank goes with his daughter to visit his ex-wife, who has dementia. She ends up having a health scare and must go to the hospital. Finally, Rani and Ben sit with her parents to ask for a loan so they can start their own food business down by the beach in Western.

The ending

As things progress, some exciting developments unfold. It looks like Diane and Gregory are having a smashing, fun time. They are attending a trivia night at a bar, and he could be a grand champion at Jeopardy. Also, she loves to win, so it is a match made in heaven. John starts to smoke the product with the cooks The Outlaws hired. Rani’s parents enjoy themselves, but when Ben leaves the room, they look down upon him. When she asks for the loan, the mother is stunned that she is still not going to Oxford. After dinner, they appear to check in on the operations, but they do not realize Haines and her partner are there. They follow Rani and Ben as they drive away, but they still have not seen their faces.

Then all hell breaks loose. Haines is tailing Rani and Ben they must shake them off by driving down a road under construction. However, Haines does find out the car is being leased to Christian, but the duo burns the vehicle. Diane is called by the neighbor that there is activity at the center after 6 pm. She makes Gregory drive her down, but when they get there, he plants a kiss on her. She promptly sprays him with pepper spray. That allows Myrna to sneak out of the cooking team. That includes John, who is so high as a kite now that he calls himself a “crack-hoe.” Finally, Frank says goodbye to his wife.

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