The Outlaws season 2, episode 5 recap – a stand-out performance from Stephen Merchant

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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The Outlaws remains humorous and engaging, with this being a stand-out episode for writer and player Stephen Merchant.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 5 contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 5 recap

The Outlaws have finally completed their task after three episodes. Rani, Ben, and the company have managed to sell enough drug products to pay back the hundreds of thousands of pounds Ben stole from The Dean and John, Frank, and Myram stole and spent. Everyone is happy, and a tremendous sense of relief that the dark cloud over their heads has dissipated. Everyone is relieved. Rani and Ben have dinner with their parents. They approve the loan they set aside for their child’s Oxford education.

Except, we have almost two full episodes left. I do not think they will only include these people reunited with their families. Is it that much fun watching them live happier lives? So, when they bring out dessert, she gets a call from The Dean asking where the 10,000 dollars is because they are short. Rani, flummoxed, insists they had the entire payment when it was transferred today. Well, The Dean does not take her word for it. Rani now has 24 hours. If not, she will be an Orphan just like him. But do not be mad at The Dean. He has integrated to deliver unwelcome news on his birthday.

What happened? From what I can decipher and could be wrong, Gabby stopped a payment during the transaction that left them short. Or maybe The Dean just wanted to test them. Either way, they are in trouble. That is when John produces a plan for “lightning” deals to their most preferred customers. This begins to work, but there are two problems. One, the detectives are watching the increased trade, and Haines was given the plastic egg Dianne found at the community center.

Also, Gabby is on Instagram when staking out the drug dealers on the Bristol corner. She is performing a live stream with Spencer. Why is that important? Because after finding out Gregory has been using her to launder money through the BJC and a shell company he set up. Haines and Selforth see the stream, figure out she is talking about Gregory, and make the connection that he was the lawyer for Christian and the kid they arrested on the drug robbery charge.

While the team gathers the money, Gregory must sneak into a sex club bar with a secret password. Why? Well, yes, the man needs to relieve some stress, but he followed Gabby there and still needs to talk to her. He climbs to the third floor using a light pole like a praying mantis. That is when we see Haines’s partner, Selforth, climbing out of his car to locate Gabby. He needs to get to her before he does.

The ending

When Gregory finally finds her, after walking through a floor of very dedicated S&M workers, they talk outside, and he admits everything, except he never throws his friends under the bus. When he lets it slip everything that is going on, the blackmail, drug dealing, and being threatened by a London gangster, Gabby asks him to explain. It turns out the only real family and friends she has had are her fellow outlaws. When she confronts all of them at the community center, she tells them she is not mad they used her. She is angry they did not ask her for help.

The Outlaws now are in the black. The Dean thanks them for their arduous work and is grateful. However, he is not done with them. Even after Rani and Ben object, he gives them 10 kilos of pure cocaine and wants them to sell it. The Dean is not taking no for an answer.

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