The Outlaws season 2, episode 6 recap — the ending explained

By Marc Miller
Published: August 5, 2022
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The Outlaws ends its second season (and possible series finale) with a satisfying, if not illogical, conclusion.

This recap of the Amazon original series The Outlaws season 2, episode 6 — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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The Outlaws season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

The season ends with another 72-hour earlier notation. This is right after Haines and Selforth brings in the entire crew. She tells Rani that she and her friends are in a lot of trouble. That is when Christian calls The Dean, demanding who the new American is and feeling threatened about being cut out. The Dean reminds him who he is talking to and assures him he has not heard of any American. Christian then looks like he is thinking about something as if he were in the room with Ben, Rani, and The Dean when the season began.

The scene plays out with Rani begging him to stop smothering Ben, and she tells him about a guy from New York who will smuggle in drugs for them. The Dean means nothing happens under his nose, and he will be cut in. He also wants to meet the American. To me, Rani has a look on her face that indicates this is a setup. Is Christian just paranoid and imagining this?

This could be a scheme by Haines to use Frank and trap The Dean into saying something on a wiretap. Speaking of Frank, he stupidly puts a handgun in a box of toys to hide from his family. Like, his tiny granddaughter would never go to that closet, right? Well, his daughter finds it, and Frank comes clean about everything. They are setting up a grift called the brass bunkum. (Now, I admit I have no idea if I got this right. I heard Walken pronounce this twice now, and my screeners do not have closed captioning).

Either way, the con is on. The Dean shows up for the meeting with Frank posing as a New York gangster. The Dean initially wants to search him for a wire, but Frank will not hear of it, pretending that he has disrespected him. As he is about to leave, Rani and Ben tell him that his product is better than anyone’s. The Dean stays, they cut a deal with Frank’s fake gangster, and to put the cherry on top of the grift, Frank tells The Dean that he does not work with kids. Rani and Ben are cut out of the deal and pretend to be outraged.

The next day, Christian deals with Haines for immunity and a get out of jail free card. He tells her that the agreement with The Dean is going down at a nearby hotel at 2 pm. They see The Dean drive in but not out. Frank says they need to be the man with the product at a crowded location. Where, you ask? Well, the brand-new community center grand opening, of course. They manage to get The Dean down there, and while John goes through some momentary panic and anxiety attacks, he comes out of the bathroom stall to pretend to be the man with the product.

Our bad guy takes a snort, approves the deal, hands over the money, and John begins to load the cocaine into the buyer’s car when things hit a snag. Of course, The Dean will not handle the product in his vehicle. That is one of the rules Christian first taught everyone.

That’s when another layer of the grift unfolds like an artichoke. Rani and Ben run up with guns and demand the money from Frank’s Ralph. They take the loot, and Ralph calls the deal off because there is no more money. However, The Dean tells them that is his problem. He needs the product delivered to London by 7 pm tonight, or he will hurt him. At some point during this little skirmish, they must have thrown the cocaine into his trunk because Haines pulls him over five minutes later, and when they search, they find dozens of kilos in the back. That is when the story goes back to the present day, and The Outlaws find themselves back in the police station while Haines tells them they are in a lot of trouble.

When Rani grabbed the money, it turned out that she held a box of cocaine out of John’s van, not the money. They ran it back to the center, put it in car wash buckets, and when Gabby flirted with The Dean at his car asking if they needed a car wash, Myrna placed the drugs in his trunk. When Haines questioned them about it, they all said they were at the community center all day. When she asks her biggest fan, Diane, if the criminals she supervises were ever out of her sight, she says no, because she is too proud to admit she tipped over inside a porta-potty.

The ending

All the Outlaws go their separate ways. Myrna heads home, and the ghost of the police officer is no longer there. After talking to his wife, John finally grows a pair — he will sue his father for unlawful dismissal and a hostile work environment. Gregory demands a partnership at his law firm, but is fired. However, he gets a date with the coworker he has a crush on. Gabby enters an addiction support group at the same community center she helps save. Diane graduates, and Sgt. Haines comes to her graduation.

Unfortunately for Frank, he had the cruelest ending of all. His daughter kicked him out of the house because he could be a danger to his grandchildren. Rani gives Christian his cut and the “line” to his customers. I noticed quite a bit of chemistry between these two now. She assumes he will return to his old ways, but the last we see of him is throwing the phone in the drain and walking away.

Finally, Rani and Ben head off to start their business. But when she tries to order lunch on the train, she has a glimpse of her future, and she does not like it. She climbs off the train and stands in front of the window when Ben is sitting. They lock eyes, and he knows she is not coming with him. The last we see of Rani is she steals a pricey convertible at the train station and drives away.

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