Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Life review – a good delivery of comedy

August 5, 2022
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Mr. Tough Guy overcomes a slow start to deliver one of the better stand-up comedy specials of 2022.

HBO Max Comedy Special Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Life was released on the streaming service on Aug 5, 2022.

We are back folks with another review of a stand-up comedy special. On the menu today is one hitting HBO Max, Jesus Sepulveda Mr. Tough Life. I am very excited to dive into this one as I am a big fan of Jesus.

One of the more intriguing things I noticed once the stand-up special started was that it was only a half-hour special. I know not everyone has an hour to throw down, but the hook has to be sunk in fast because if we blink, it’ll be over. Another thing I found weird when it started was how it opened. There was no “give it up for Jesus Sepulveda” or “welcome to the stage,” nothing, zero, you click play, and jokes are starting. It was extremely odd.

One of the things that you love about Jesus is he knows his strong suits. He has a goldmine with his jokes about his dad. The entire bit about his dad will have you laughing because we all know it can be relatable. It was funny to hear how his dad would yell at him one minute, and ask him for favors the next. His impressions of his father took the jokes to the next level. The changes back and forth made for excellent delivery.

The crown jewel of the special was the soccer story. I tell you what, you have this bit of a slow build from Jesus that you are like, alright, where are you going with this and even might be checking out, but he reels you back in with a perfect punchline. I was in tears laughing so hard. Look, I promise you when you read this, if you have watched it or when you watch it, you will know precisely the moment I am talking about.

I’ll be honest, the special starts relatively slow, but once Jesus gets comfortable, the special hits the next gear. I suggest doing what I did and watching it a second time. I believe you will appreciate the build a little more the second time around.

Overall, Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Guy is a fantastic stand-up comedy special that ranks amongst the top-tier specials of 2022. You don’t want to miss this one, folks.

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