Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – what is Alison’s plan for her last night?

May 24, 2023
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Saint X is still a flawed mess, but “The Goat Witch and the Sinner” is the most entertaining installment yet from the series. There’s genuine tension in this episode, although the plotting is still unrealistic, and some of the character’s motives appear absurd.

We recap the Hulu series Saint X Season 1 Episode 7, “The Goat Witch and the Sinner,” which contains spoilers.

Tensions rise in “The Goat Witch and the Sinner” as Alison (West Duchovny) embarks on her fateful journey away from the resort, which will sadly end in her untimely death. In the present timeline, Emily (Alycia Debnam-Carey) falls apart, again choosing to hang out with her sister’s potential killer.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

After witnessing Gogo beat a man, Emily has refused to leave her bedroom. She’s traumatized by Gogo’s actions, proving he could be the potential killer. Emily’s boyfriend, Josh, suggests she sees her therapist again, and this time, Emily agrees.

What is Emily’s therapist’s diagnosis?

Emily meets with her therapist, discussing the incident in more detail. The therapist is concerned by Emily’s erratic behavior, worried she may get hurt or, worse, killed. She mentions survivors’ guilt, theorizing that Emily wants to get hurt deep down.

Emily states that she wants answers. The therapist responds honestly Emily may never get the answers she wants, and Alison will never return. Angered by this, Emily storms off. Feeling suicidal, she walks out into traffic and is nearly run over.

Gogo spots Emily’s careless actions. They meet in the cafe to catch up. Emily lies and talks about having a brother that died in similar circumstances to how Alison died.

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Gogo doesn’t appear to see the connections, though. Emily suggests that they get drinks and go to a club next.

While drinking, the topic of conversation turns to Gogo’s old job as a waiter at the hotel. Emily asks why he left. Gogo says that there was an incident. They start to dance.

Emily loses herself in the music but returns to her time with Alison. Emily touches Gogo, who is offended, and walks off.

Back on the island, twenty years earlier, it was Alison’s final day of her holiday. She talks with Olivia about Edwin and his womanizing ways. She is annoyed by him but still wants to impress him.

Why does Sara follow Edwin’s orders?

After being spotted with another man, Edwin is paranoid that the whole hotel knows his secrets. Desmond speaks with Bery about Sara’s revelation. He discovered that Edwin helped get rid of Sara’s mother’s boyfriend. Edwin didn’t kill him, though. He just got him a job elsewhere. In return, Edwin forbade Sara from ever dating Gogo. Desmond is unsure whether he should tell Gogo the truth or not. Bery suggests he keeps it a secret.

Flashbacks reveal more of Edwin’s backstory. He was taught to repress his sexuality and grew jealous of Gogo being with Sara.

Back at the hotel, Alison asks Edwin if he wants to do something special for her last night. Alison suggests Faraway Cay, but Edwin’s mind is elsewhere. He ignores her and walks off. Alison starts to regret chasing after Edwin and Tyler all holiday. She asks Claire if she wants to have a girl’s night, which her little sister is excited about.

Bery talks with Gogo about Sara. Gogo admits that he is in love with Sara. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t love him back, though, why they can’t be a family.

Bery changes her mind; Desmond must tell Gogo the truth after all.

Why is Edwin worried?

The hotel guests perform a conga line at their final party. Edwin worries that the staff knows all of his secrets about his sexuality. He invites Alison on a night out, planning on taking her to a local bar and then possibly to Faraway Cay.

Before departing on their night out, Desmond tells Gogo the truth. Gogo punches Desmond, though, calling him a liar; he won’t believe it. Gogo asks Sara for the truth. She won’t admit the deal she has made with Edwin but states that she doesn’t have feelings for Gogo.

What is Alison’s plan for her last night?

Alison meets with Olivia before she leaves. Olivia convinces her to go with Edwin and Gogo to make it a memorable last night. Olivia suggests Alison has a threesome with the two islanders. Alison agrees to this plan.

Edwin confronts Paul, the guest who saw him in the forest. He’s paranoid that everyone knows his secrets. Paul confirms that he hasn’t outed Edwin; no one knows about his sexuality.

Saint X Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Alison tells Claire that she’s going out. Tyler watches as Alison leaves. He now sees her as a liar, as she said she would be staying in with her sister. Alison meets with Gogo and Edwin, interrupting them before they get into an argument about Sara. They drive towards the bar.

The episode ends in the present. Emily leaves the club. Sunita and Josh are worried about her; they don’t know where she’s gone. Gogo pulls up next to Emily, ordering her to get into his cab. Does he know who she is, after all?

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