The Sandman season 1 – who are Jonathon and Ethel Cripps?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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This article, “who are Jonathon and Ethel Cripps,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1. 

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Who are Jonathon and Ethel Cripps in The Sandman season 1?

Ethel and Jonathon Cripps are mother and daughter, but that doesn’t mean they have a close relationship at all. Despite Ethel fleeing from Roderick Burgess so she can give birth to Jonathon, she realises the danger that Jonathon processes, and she has him contained in a hospital with extreme security. 

But when Morpheus escapes from the cage that Roderick Burgess kept him contained in, Ethel realises the danger that could soon head their way. Whilst Ethel is a strong-willed and capable woman, Jonathon is a nasty piece of s**t who believes he was blessed to use the power of the ruby; and believes that Lord Morpheus’s kingdom is his birthright.

What do Jonathon and Ethel Cripps do?

When The Corinthian warns Ethel that Morpheus has escaped, he acts as an ally for her. But when he tries to take Ethel’s eyes, she reveals that she has an amulet of protection that prevents him from killing her. As for the amulet, Ethel reveals she stole it from Roderick after she left him as a way to protect himself from him.

Having kept her son in a secure hospital for a number of years, Ethel eventually gives up her own life by giving Jonathon the amulet of protection. With Ethel dead and now extremely powerful as he holds the ruby, Jonathon escapes the secure hospital and tries to change the world by making it more honest. Even though he barely reacts to a number of people committing suicide/getting murdered in a diner because of his actions, Jonathon does take a shine to one woman, Rosemary.

Jonathon seals his own fate by destroying the ruby, which he believes will take the realm from underneath Morpheus. Instead, it releases the power from inside the ruby and Morpheus places Jonathon into an endless sleep. Are you happy with how Ethel and Jonathon’s story concluded? Did you think they would last longer in the series?

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