The Sandman season 1 – who is The Corinthian?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “who is The Corinthian,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s The Sandman season 1. 

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Who is The Corinthian in The Sandman season 1?

Despite being one of Lord Morpheus’ creations, he shows little respect for his creator, warning that Morpheus cannot be changed or saved. In fact, he doesn’t bat an eyelid whilst trying to recruit Rose Walker, the Voltex, to help him end Morpheus once and for all. 

Egotistic and wanting to taste all that the world has to offer, The Corinthian makes no apologies for who he is or what he wants. And he has a keen sexual appetite, as seen when he has sex many times throughout the first season of The Sandman.

What does The Corinthian do?

After leaving the dream realm, The Corinthian proves that it’s no match for him, and he soon returns to the waking world, all set on seeking revenge on Morpheus, so it would seem. After Jonathon escapes the hospital, The Corinthian soon introduces himself to Jonathon and sets him down a dark and violent path. 

Throughout the first season of The Sandman, he continues to feed on his dreamers. And his ego continues to grow when others remark on how “exquisite and elegant” his work (his brutal murders) is. In order to track down Rose Walker, The Corinthian meets with her friends (even sleeping with one) before he tracks down her missing brother, Jed. 

After he saves Rose and Jed from being slaughtered by a violent killer, who just happens to be one of The Corinthian’s fans, The Corinthian tries to convince Rose to join him and fight against Lord Morpheous. But it proves to be his downfall as Rose wants to find her own way. And therefore, The Corinthian is left to fight Morpheus on his own. Ultimately, Lord Morpheus is able to uncreate The Corinthian; and that appears to be the end of his story! But is it? If The Sandman returns for a second season, I predict that he’ll soon return (somehow) and continue to cause mayhem. 

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