Prey (2022) ending explained – Naru outsmarts the Predator in a final battle

By Nicole Ackman
Published: August 6, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2023)

This article discusses the ending of the Hulu film Prey (2022) and contains spoilers. 

Prey is the latest addition to the Predator franchise, serving as a prequel set 300 years before the original film. Naru is a young Comanche woman eager to prove herself as a warrior, who ends up in a battle for survival against the Predator. From our review:

While out in the woods, Naru is convinced that there’s something more sinister than a mountain lion lurking around. The film excellently builds tension as she attempts to hunt down the being that the audience knows is the highly dangerous Predator. She and her brother are both eventually captured by French traders, presenting another dangerous alien invasion to their land. 

Hulu film Prey (2022) ending explained

While out in the woods hunting for the Predator, Naru is captured by French fur trappers. They demand that she tell them what she knows about the creature, but she refuses. Then they reveal that they have also captured her brother Taabe and torture him in hopes of getting her to talk. The Frenchmen then attempt to use the pair of siblings as bait to lure the Predator in. However, the alien easily kills off almost all of the fur trappers and the siblings manage to escape.

When Naru rescues her beloved dog Sarii from the French camp, she comes across the dying translator Adolini who was injured but not killed in the fight. He begs her to heal him and shows her how to use his pistol in exchange. She comes to realize that the herb she gave the man to stop his bleeding also lowered his body temperature, making it more difficult for the Predator to find him using his thermal detection. However, Adolini makes a noise and the Predator kills him with Taabe swooping in to save Naru.

As the siblings fight against the creature, Naru comes to understand that the skull mask he wears controls the aim of his weapons. The Predator kills her brother, who manages to give Naru time to escape in his final moments. She finds one of the last French trappers in the woods and uses him as bait, taking the herbs to hide her heat signature. When the Predator arrives to kill the man, she is able to take his mask, giving her an advantage in their final battle.

Naru proves her intelligence as a warrior by using all that she knows of the Predator to defeat it. She lures it into a mud pit and uses the mask to turn its weapons against it. With the help of her dog, she is able to defeat the Predator and brings its severed head back to her people. She warns her tribe that they need to move to more easily protected ground.

The end of the movie teases a possible sequel as more Predator ships are seen approaching. It’s certainly possible that if Prey is well-received, another film of Naru and her people fighting against more Predators will follow.

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