Never Have I Ever season 3 – will Devi and Des make their relationship work?

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This article, “will Devi and Des make their relationship work,” contains major spoilers regarding Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 3.

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Yes, we could kill Paxton for breaking our favorite California girl’s heart. How could the most popular guy in school, who we thought had such a kind heart (those scenes where he is the tender big brother to his sister are so sweet) throw Devi’s heart into a blender and watch it spin round to beautiful oblivion? My Ever 6 moody 90s love ballad reference aside, Paxton left Devi crying in her mother’s arms. Their official dating relationship only lasted three episodes into the third season.

Never Have I Ever season 3 – will Devi and Des make their relationship work?

Have no fear, though! Nalini is having Devi take her new friend’s son, Des. For one, Des does not want to go because Paxton will be there with his new girlfriend. Des will meet her there, but Devi tells everyone he is her cousin because she doesn’t want Paxton to see her with a nerdy guy who loves marine biology. However, when he shows up, she is shocked that Des is one of the hottest guys she has ever seen.

The problem is that he hears about the “cousin” rumor she is spreading and calls her out for being the typical East Indian high school girl who is only into white guys. When he is about to walk away, Devi sees Paxton kiss his new flame, and she runs out of the house. Des, who now appears kind and sweet, follows her to ensure she is okay. During this time, he explains to her why his mother thought he needed to get out of the house and that he has many friends, but one is mad at him right now. Not to mention, as John McEnroe explains, Devi now thinks this guy is making sea slugs sound hot. Des suggests that they go back inside to make Paxton jealous. When they get to the dance floor, he gives her a twirl, and Devi is practically swept off her feet.

Des asks if he can text her some time but then ghosts her. After a while, he shows up at her house with his mom for dinner. He explains he didn’t know how smart it would be to start dating a girl who is not over her boyfriend. Though hormones take their course, they begin to date and never tell their parents. Yet, his mother walks in on them when they are about to hook up in Des’s bedroom.

Surprisingly, Nalini favors their relationship, but Rhyah does not. She tells Des to dump her because she has too many problems. And you know what, he does! And why? He is a mama’s boy, but there is another. He tells Devi that when she confronts him for lying to her about avoiding her, she is not worth pissing off his mom, and she pays for his cell phone bill.

Devi throws iced coffee in his face. Good riddance.

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