Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – “…been ghosted”

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 2, 2024)
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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 5 Recap
Never Have I Ever Season 3 Image (Credit to Netflix)


This is an episode that encapsulates the anxiety and fears of the teenage experience with a wonderful comic touch.

As John McEnroe states, that was one he had not heard before. We watched Devi strike out at the local community service charity event. The one Eleanor states will be the hottest event of the year. Devi is single, and Des has been ghosting her. She thinks maybe she is inadvertently not sending off the right signals and wants to brush up on her flirting skills. As McEnroe narrates, she will find a nice boy and “suck the face” right off him. Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 5 encapsulates the teenage experience.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

Devi heads over to two boys and says after looking at them makes her want to drink a couple of cold glasses of water. Devi hears Ben laugh behind her and yells at him that she is cockblocking him. Ben, looking confused, points out that you cannot say that if you do not have, you know. Devi says fine; you are “clam jamming me.” That is what McEnroe meant when he said he had never heard that one before.

Meanwhile, things between Fabiola and Aneesa continue to act awkward around each other, and they cannot find that initial spark. Paxton overhears their conversation, and since he has a doctorate in hooking up, he points out that they seem super into each other. Fabiola talks to him and points out that no one would care if she hooked up with Aneesa. She is obviously nervous about this as they talk and tells him she has never made the first move. She does not know how. However, Paxton has and is going to help her.

Ben, though, is not as supportive. He makes fun of Devi, who keeps setting her sights on guys she does not realize with their boyfriends. He points out that the only guys there are guys who are dragged there by their girlfriends or guys who are gay. So, why is Ben there then? He says it is because any drama club girl wants to hook up with you if you look tortured. We all know that this is because Ben will put himself in any situation with Devi in the room.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 5 Ending

And Devi is about to be helped by the most common phenomenon in the history of teenage girls. When an unremarkable dork, who Devi first sees sitting alone with big square glasses, a bad complexion, and his “Carlton” sweater on backward, is given a guitar and becomes the hottest guy in the world. As John McEnroe narrates, he tells us this is known as the Ed Sheeran effect. There is no known cure. Alejandro is the boy behind this example, and Devi will suck his face off.

However, when they do kiss, the lights turn on, and Alejandro’s glasses are the ones that turn from regular to shaded. It was an unexpected turn, but he asks for her to be his girlfriend, but she will have to vie for his time with the other virtual avatars he is currently dating. The night ends with Ben telling Devi that he also kissed someone tonight. In reality, he was given another not-so-nice wake-up call from Aneesa. It has been a couple of tough weeks for Ben, but at least Devi sounded jealous when he told her about his kiss.

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