Friendzone (2021) ending explained – what happens to Titi and Rose’s relationship?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 30, 2021 (Last updated: January 3, 2024)
Friendzone (2021) ending explained - what happens to Titi and Rose's relationship?

This article contains major spoilers for the Friendzone ending.

Friendzone is another typical romance drama about friends into lovers, but make it French style! So after all the drama between Titi and his romantic life, the real question is, what happen to Titi and Rose’s relationship? Can Titi successfully take their relationship to another level or he’ll be friend-zoned forever? Well, let’s find out!

After getting heartbroken over Rose’s laughing over the possibility of them becoming lovers, Titi goes into a series of lessons about “how to make a woman fall in love with you” with the squad. Titi tries to put all the lessons that his girl squad teaches into action. He braces himself to finally change his ways to impress and have sex with Jennifer, the richest girl in town. Guess what? He nailed it. Both of them have sex in Titi’s workspace which puts horror in the children patient. After the hot night, Titi impulsively tries to invest more into their relationship hoping for something serious. The girlfriends do not like how the situation turns out for their dearest Titi since they understand both of them do not fit each other. 

Despite all the red flags, Titi continues to maintain his superficial and one-sided relationship with Jennifer while secretly dreaming about Rose every night. In reality, he is avoiding Rose’s calls and messages. Since Jennifer is a sociopath and highly active on social media, Rose is aware of his new relationship. She decides to come and visit Titi at the hospital. The two catch up after their last encounter which stings Titi’s heart… But, the encounter does not end well. There is no way Titi can run from his squad, the girlfriends coming up with plans to spice things up between Titi, Rose, and Jennifer. Of course, to get rid of Jennifer and bring Rose and Titi together. They set up a costume party where Maud is going to trap Bruno to show that he got some issues with a lesbian girl. Titi has no choice but to stick with the plan in the end. The next day, he comes to Rose’s store and invites her to come over for the party. 

Rose brings Bruno to the party. After mocking him in the beginning, Bruno is in shock when he finds out that Titi is dating Jennifer. On the other side, Maud is getting ready to seduce Bruno while Alex is trying to bring Rose to Titi’s room. After everything is going smoothly, the girls give a signal to Titi by purposely spilling water on Jennifer’s dress to distract her. Titi uses this chance to go into his room where he finds Rose is smilingly looking at his photo.

Meanwhile, Maud tries to buy some time to seduce Bruno while the other girls record it. As the crowd goes wild outside, Titi and Rose dance happily in his room. The tension rises between them. Rose is aware of the situation and asks them to go back to the party. Titi agrees. After all the hassle, the girls successfully trap Bruno which leads him to strip off his pants in front of her. Ding dong, what perfect timing. Rose sees everything and immediately leaves the party. And… That’s where things do not go according to plan. To call it a night, Maud opens the curtain to humiliate Bruno in front of the crowd.

Titi immediately goes to Rose’s apartment to console her. Everything is going smoothly between them until Titi finds himself getting sweeps by his feet and tries to kiss Rose. The two go into another quarrel and that’s where everything blows up. She asks him to leave. The night isn’t over yet for our Titi. He goes back to his house where Jennifer already waits for him in front of the door, ready for some explanation. After knowing the reason behind Titi’s leaving, Jennifer beats him out which shocks the girls. She put an end to their relationship and screws him over. 

Wrecked and overwhelmed by the chaos, Titi puts all the blame on his girl squad for all of their plans. He emotionally calls them out and puts an end to their friendship. He refuses to be treated as a guinea pig anymore. Well, the party is over and everything ends with angst.

After the chaos, everyone continues to live their life separately. The girlfriend still hangs out together and Titi is back playing music for Mike who is in a coma. He also continues to do the routines such as jogging as the girls teach him, but this time, he’s all alone. Well, sometimes all you need is a “pause” to clear your head. Titi starts to realize things, including his friendship with the girls.

Things start to cool down. After the girl approaches him, Titi reunites back with the squad. By this time, Alex is expecting a baby. Maun brings a gift for Alex, she purposely buys her baby clothing from Rose’s store. They inform Titi that Rose is moving to Spain this week. But he choose to just let it slide. Shutting his feelings. Later, when Titi is treating the sick teenage girl, she finally got her long-awaited visitor. It’s her best friend. A teenage geeky boy finally comes to visit her and confesses that he likes her even though she’s avoiding him. Their encounter gives Titi a realization that he just needs to be sincere towards Rose. 

Friendzone (2021) ending explained

This is where the cliche begins. Titi rushes out to the hospital to Rose’s apartment but got hit by the ambulance. Yup. The next thing we see is his funeral. Which later happens to be just another bad dream. Instead of coffins, Titi opens his eyes laying on a hospital bed where the girlfriends are ready to help him chase after the love of his life. They help him escape the hospital and accompany him to her apartment complex. 

The two finally encounter one another, in another unexpected situation. Rose is surprised upon seeing him being all injured but later refuses to talk to him. Titi is begging for a chance but Rose ignores him and carries on preparing for her moving. Since he doesn’t want to lose his chance anymore, Titi recklessly climbs up and finally shouts his feelings. He admits to the lies and how he’s been in denial of falling in love with her. All of these cliche and honest confessions finally leads Rose to answer, “58.” Yes, it’s her apartment room’s code. He finally opens her heart. Titi rushes to her apartment where they finally kiss one another. Meanwhile, the girlfriends proudly celebrate the victory of Titi’s long-awaited love story. They’re like a mother that is so proud of their son’s growth. 

And yes, in conclusion. Titi successfully turns his “friend zone” situation into a committed romantic relationship. In the last scene, It shows that Titi follows Rose and the two of them live together in Spain. He video calls the girls where they ask him to come when Alex’s child is born. The movie ends with Titi carrying Rose, with both of them naked while entering the ocean. It’s a parallel scene to their first encounter, where both of them try to swim naked yet, Titi is shyly hiding into the water. But this time, he’s not hiding anymore. He is openly pouring his love all over the city.

And the takeaways from the movie? Be sincere. 

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