Story Recap – what happened in A League of Their Own season 1?

By M.N. Miller
Published: August 12, 2022
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This is a story recap of the Amazon original series A League of Their Own (2022) season 1 and contains spoilers as it details what happened.  

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While many were expecting A League of Their Own to put the fun back in baseball, like the 1992 original film, the show is a layered series about oppression in America in the middle of World War 2. Starring Abbi Jacobson, Chante Adam, D’Arcy Carden, and Gbemisola Ikumelo, this Prime Video streaming series is flawlessly produced and cuts down on the laughs by offering constantly surprising themes on how these women operate in the shadows.

Please enjoy this recap of the original series A League of Their Own.

Story Recap – what happened in A League of Their Own season 1?  

Episode 1 – “Batter Up”  

The Girl’s Professional Baseball League tryouts are in full swing. Carson Shaw arrives from Idaho and meets Greta and Jo, heading over for tryouts. Max, an African American female, also tried out and was told she could not because of her skin color. The episode ends with all four at the same restaurant. While Max is cooling off in the storeroom, angry over the baseball tryout, she sees Greta and Carson kissing.

Episode 2 – “Find the Gap”  

Dove Porter is introduced as the new coach of the Rockford Peaches, and the entire team is put through charm school. Why? To keep people buying tickets. Dove appears supportive, but Carson overhears him being critical of this assignment as it is beneath him and allows his team to be heckled by fans. The episode ends with Maxine involved in a passionate embrace at the salon with Mrs. Turner, an affluent woman who frequents her family’s place of business.

Episode 3 – “The Cutt Off”  

Carson struggles with her sexuality, being pulled between her allegiance with Charlie (a soldier currently in Europe) and her new flame, Greta. She talks to Charlie on the phone, who says he is in Dublin but is in an infirmary. Carson grabs Greta and round the bases in the bed and breakfast garage.

Episode 4 – “British Hitter”  

Dove quits and heads to Maryland for a coaching job with the Baltimore Orioles. Carson and Lupe now manage the team, but the entire squad gets in a brawl on the pitcher’s mound. Maxine finally gets her tryout for the Rockford Screws but crumbles under pressure. She approaches Carson and infers she will tell everyone what she saw unless she follows her.

Episode 5 – “Back Footed”  

Maxine tries her best to strike out Carson, but she manages to knock off a couple of foul balls. This upsets Max, even though Carson says she throws the fastest pitch she has ever seen. Max leaves her home and looks for her aunt Birdie, who her mother calls an “Invert.” When she found her, she was unaware her aunt was transgender. Carson is officially made the manager but has trouble winning over her team. Finally, Greta informs Carson why she is so careful and sticks to the rules she has set for herself when dating another woman. It’s for her safety.

Episode 6 – “Stealing Home”  

The Peaches are told since they are unlikely to make the playoffs, they will lose several of their best players so the league can highlight the best prospects for their playoff run. Carson decides the only thing they can do is win the rest of their games to persuade Mr. Baker not to continue down the path of breaking apart their team. Meanwhile, Carson follows Lupe to an illegal and secret watering hole for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Maxine is given a custom suit from Birdie and wears it at a party. While dancing with Greta at the illegal bar, Carson asks if she can go back to California with her. That’s when the police raid the establishment. While Greta and Carson escape, they lose touch with Jo.

Episode 7 – “Full Count”  

Jo is traded away to the Blue Sox after being arrested in Rockford as a sexual invert. Charlie surprises Carson, but he reads her letter and is hospitalized for Effort’s Syndrome. Greta is upset that Jo would not leave with her after their secret is out and is angry with Carson for putting all of them in danger. Maxine is given her shot and is offered a job on traveling baseballs squared. The episode ends with Shirley telling Carson, “I know about you.”

Episode 8 – “Perfect Game”  

The season ends with the Blue Sox winning the GPBL championship, but the Peaches helping their former teammate, Jo, cross home plate after a knee injury. Max begins her first job in professional baseball on a road trip to Minnesota. Clance is pregnant. Greta asks Carson to go with her to New York, but she declines and tells her she won’t be going back with Charlie either. She kisses her one last time and thanks her for changing her life. When Greta leaves, she turns around, and Charlie is standing there. We assume he saw the whole thing.

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Amazon’s A League of Their Own season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.  

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