Renewed or cancelled – Will there be a Season 2 of A Model Family?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 13, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Renewed or cancelled - Will there be a Season 2 of A Model Family?

This article discusses the potential of A Model Family Season 2 and may contain spoilers for the first season. You can check out all of our coverage of this show by clicking these words.

Netflix’s latest binge-drop k-drama, A Model Family, is clearly an answer to some of Western TV’s heavy-hitters; a Korean makeover of the ever-popular “wrong things, right reasons” subgenre typified by stuff like Breaking Bad, Ozark and Your Honor. Running ten episodes and rocketing along at quite a clip, it’s a show that is almost guaranteed to pick up a fanbase along the way.

But here’s the question – will that fanbase get a second season? Here’s everything we know.

Renewed or canceled status – Will there be a Season 2 of A Model Family?

Status: TBD

As ever, it’s too early to tell. But this is certainly one to keep an eye on given the lofty precedent set by stuff like Squid Game and the fact that A Model Family is playing with an extremely popular genre. If anything is likely to develop crossover mainstream appeal, almost irrespective of quality, it’s this.

And you know how Netflix thinks. Getting eyes on its original content – especially with the recent news that Disney+ has overtaken the Big N in subscribers – is the number one imperative for the company. If A Model Family garners the kind of attention that it’s absolutely capable of garnering, then it’s a virtual inevitability that it’ll be renewed.

However, there’s still a chance, albeit slim, that it might not do well, and even then, the artistic justification for a follow-up after ten episodes might not be there. That often doesn’t matter, of course, but k-dramas still seem relatively immune to unnecessary sequels, even if this one admittedly ended on quite the cliffhanger.

What is A Model Family?

From AsianWiki:

Dong-Ha (Jung Woo) is an ordinary breadwinner of his family. He is married to Eun-Joo (Yoon Jin-Seo). Eun-Joo has a secret that nobody knows about. Meanwhile, Dong-Ha is going through financial difficulties and he is on the verge of divorcing his wife. One day, he happens to find a vehicle with a lot of money inside. This leads to his involvement with Gwang-Cheol (Park Hee-Soon), who is the number two guy in a drug ring.

Detective Joo-Hyun (Park Ji-Yeon), who is the leader of an anti-drug crime team, investigates Dong-Ha and Gwang-Cheol.    

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