Me Time 2 – will there be a Me Time sequel?

August 26, 2022 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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This article discusses whether there will be a Me Time 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Me Time, and will contain spoilers. 

In Me Time, we saw Sonny, a stay-at-home dad who, after many years of being the go-to man in the house, was due for a little “me time.” So while he was hesitant to hang out with his old pal Huck, they ended up getting together for his birthday. The good old days between the duo come out sees us go on a whirlwind of events in Sonny and Huck end up finding themselves in a ton of trouble.

The writers kept the entire story pretty cut and dry with what they were trying to convey. Sonny was a kick-ass stay-at-home dad who needed to learn a little lesson about pushing his kids too far, and Huck needed to learn that money didn’t grow on trees. As a result, the movie was downright hilarious in its delivery from start to finish. However, is there room for a sequel? Can we see these two strike gold a second time? Here is everything we know!

Me Time potential sequel release date

Me Time will be released on Netflix this Friday, August 26, 2022. The film will probably not be a hit with many critics, but where it lands on the Netflix chart is what matters most. We have seen in the past with both Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg with films that weren’t critically acclaimed that ended up being a smash hit on the streaming platform. Because of this, it could result in them announcing a sequel for the film.

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We all know that Kevin Hart is the hardest working man on the planet and is always making movies. However, with his intense schedule, I could easily see something ironed out within the end of 2023 or the summer of 2024 when a Me Time sequel could hit Netflix.

Me Time sequel cast – who can be in it?

Everyone that was in the original film has the potential to be in the sequel. From Kevin Hart to Mark Wahlberg to Regina Hall to Luis Gerardo Mendez. Each of these actors had a pivotal part in the initial movie and would be highly important to the sequel and making it work.

Me Time sequel plot – what can Me Time 2 be about?

At the end of Me Time, we saw Sonny talk to Huck about a business they would open up, throwing kid’s birthday parties. Sonny would bring the entertainment, and Huck would bring his ability to throw crazy parties. You have so many places you could explore with that idea that could be/would be hilarious.

You could have the duo throw a party for the kids of a rival company of Armando’s, which could lead to a crazy number of events. Or you could see something like Stan Berman (Jimmy O. Yang), the man Huck owed money to, coming back into the picture, forcing his way into their lives and causing mass chaos.

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