Me Time Ending Explained – how does Sonny’s alone time turn out?

August 27, 2022 (Last updated: March 26, 2023)
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Me Time and will contain spoilers.

Sonny pleads with Maya to come home. She suggests that he might want to find somewhere else to stay. He drags his beat-up car to the beekeeper’s place and sets up camp.

At the talent show rehearsal, Sonny is drilling the kids to get them ready. Whilst one of the kids rehearses Hallelujah, Maya struggles to get the kids ready at home.

Turns out the insurance has paid out and Sonny has his hands on a brand new mini-van, with automatic doors. Winner!

Huck is staying with one of his buds but overhears them talking about what a sad old man he is, it’s tough to take and seems to hit him hard.

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Sonny checks in with his boy, and whilst he’s practicing a stand-up routine, he gives him the news that he’s closing the talent show. Dash looks crestfallen.

The powerful rendition of Hallelujah comes to an end, performed by Linus. “It’s s**t, do it again,” says Sonny.

It’s show time and this is a school with some prodigiously talented kids! Finally, it’s time for Dash, and it turns out, he’s not so hot on the old keys. Sonny steps in to help on stage. Father and Son finally have it out, Sonny has been projecting his ambition onto his kids and can finally see that it’s his insecurity that has been driving him. He has a passionate moment declaring his flaws and catharsis.

Sonny very publically apologizes to everyone for being a bit extra and hands the mic to Dash. Dash finally gets his moment to shine, all those hours watching stand-up pay off, and he brings down the house.

Netflix film Me Time Ending Explained

Fortunately, Sonny’s impassioned speech did the trick and May is ready to forgive him. They talk things through and kiss and make up.

What’s this? A text alert, notifying Sonny that Berman has given him his money back. Gradually Sonny realizes that Huck might be about to do something stupid down at the Marina. He recruits the cab driver from earlier as backup, it’s big dog time.

Turns out, panic over! Huck just took a job working for Stan Burman so he can pay off his debt to Sonny. They make up and understand that each is important to the other, they are the perfect pair. Sonny pitches a business idea, running a kid’s party business, that’s the one! Just as it looks like we’re closing to a heartwarming end, our Cabby friend arrives on the scene and announces she took a dump on the loan shark’s bed, and the gang indulges in some good-natured vandalism.

Skip ahead a few months and Sonny and Huck have a successful business and Maya is a world-famous architect. The whole gang is ready for Ava’s birthday party, planned of course by the party planners extraordinaire (who else?). Looks like Huck might have hit it off with Jill, much to Sonny’s horror, that’s such a Clooney move!

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