Like for Like – 5 series like Selling the OC

September 1, 2022
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This article discusses 5 series like Netflix’s Selling the OC you must watch. 

The Netflix series Selling The OC has been said by one of our own that it’s “the perfect kind of trash reality show that makes the world go round”. The eight-episode series follows twin brothers as they open a brand new real estate office in Orange County, California. But in the likely event that you’ve finished the show and are on the lookout for something similar, here is a list of 5 similar shows.

Like for Like – 5 series like Selling the OC

Selling Sunset (2019)

Seen as the OG show, there’s no better show to watch after binging through all of Selling The OC. The American reality show follows an elite group of estate brokers trying to sell the high life to their wealthy buyers.

Selling Tampa (2021)

Another show with the word “selling” in the title. Except for this time, it’s an all-female cast as it follows the black-owned Allure Reality. Like many on this list, it’s not the most original. But even so, it continues to entertain.

Instant Dream Home (2022)

Not just another home renovation show as it has “the perfect host” in the shape of Danielle Brooks. In 12 episodes, it follows the remodelling of several houses. If you enjoyed Selling the OC, then you should definitely check out this show.

Location, Location, Location (2000)

Whilst nowhere as glamorous as Selling The OC, there are a few quirky characters along the way. And since the show has been airing since 2000, there are plenty of episodes to enjoy. But with the hosts being very much like marmite, you will either love or hate the show because of them.

A Place in the Sun (2000)

Another British entry on the list. However, this time it’s purely about finding a property in the sun. Therefore each episode takes place in a sunny destination like Spain, Portugal, or Italy. With different experts taking centre stage per episode, even if there’s someone who annoys you, it won’t be hard to find someone who is more to your liking. 

Do you have any other recommendations for series like Selling the OC? Let us know!

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