Selling The OC Season 2 Review – Who knew selling houses would be so dramatic?

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 8, 2023 (Last updated: October 10, 2023)
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Selling The OC Season 2 Review - Who knew selling houses would be so dramatic?


While agents might be driven by luxurious houses and big-time commissions, Selling The OC’s office drama makes it one of the best reality shows on TV.

This review of the Netflix series Selling The OC Season 2 does not contain spoilers.

The Oppenheim Group‘s Orange County location provided some wild drama while showing off some prominent houses in Season 1 of Selling The OC. The team is back with agents ready to fight over luxury apartments while making more money in Selling The OC Season 2.

Selling The OC Season 2 review and plot summary

Selling The OC Season 2 follows young and hungry agents who are fighting over a hot real estate market. As they fend off fellow agents, the drama in the office is hotter than ever with romance, rivalries, and reputations on the line. 

The second season of Selling The OC isn’t much different from the first. We have our real estate agents setting their sights on upending the market in the area and pocketing big-time commissions along the way. One cool thing to see is the Oppenheim Group begin to take over a new luxurious city that could potentially result in another spin-off in the show — Selling Cabo, maybe?

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Tyler is going through his divorce with Brittany Snow, and the after-effects of that are steaming inside the firm with Tyler and Holly becoming increasingly smitten with each other. Their relationship is front and center of the entire season, causing massive drama, including early on with Brandi calling them out for how they might make the firm look and even later with others starting to question how they acted together on a business trip to Cabo.

Gio continues to be my favorite person on this show because he is a likable jerk. He has the snarkiest comments, the funniest one-liners, and not a care in the world if anyone has anything to say about it. I don’t doubt some people might not love Gio, but his brutal honesty will always win me over. On top of that, any guy who throws himself a party for hitting a $100 million milestone is my type of guy.

What’s wild to me about this show is regardless of how you feel about the storylines, it is a very authentic portrayal of the day-to-day office at most jobs. You have your friends, acquaintances, and people who consistently talk about behind each their backs. I love that aspect of the show because this is what it would be like if they had cameras at my day job.

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Is Selling The OC Season 2 good or bad?

There’s a relatibility factor that makes Selling The OC one of Netflix’s best reality series. Sure, not many of us can relate to selling millions of dollar houses. However, office drama, romance, and backstabbing are familiar.

As a result, this becomes one of the easiest binges of the year. When you press play on Episode 1, you can’t help but want to sit on the couch and click the next episode until the series ends. It’s that good.

Is Selling The OC Season 2 worth watching?

Fans of the first season of Selling The OC know what to expect: beautiful houses, outrageous drama, and larger-than-life characters who entertain us throughout the season.

With yet another massive hit show, Netflix’s reality TV universe is as strong as ever.

What did you think of Selling The OC season 2? Comment below.

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