Are Jarvis and Rose still friends in Selling the OC?

September 9, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Are Jarvis and Rose still friends in Selling the OC

Are Jarvis and Rose still friends in Selling the OC? We discuss the latest on the friendship after the release of Season 2. 

Ah, the reality TV show, divisive entertainment that often stands proudly on the pedestal of social experiment, wryly glancing at the viewer now and then, just to let you know they also get the joke.

Selling the OC is a Netflix series that spun frantically out of control from a previous creation called Selling Sunset.

Featuring the ominously named Oppenheim Group, who I’m pretty sure was behind Lost, we follow the ups and downs of the professionals working at the top of the real estate brokerage firm.

Set against the backdrop of the more TV-friendly side of California, the glitzy, slickly produced show explores the deals and the dealings of the employees, allowing the viewer to become invested in the on-screen shenanigans and getting a glimpse of some lovely properties too, while also casting a huge spotlight on the private and personal lives of the agents at the same time.

The format is carefully curated, mixing the voyeuristic inclinations of viewers with the interesting aspect of the actual business and leaning into the on-screen, private, behind-the-scenes issues that are usually the biggest draw in these types of shows.

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Whatever your opinion on such content, it seems that it is still very popular, and brace yourself because if they don’t sort the writers out soon, expect your viewing schedule to be filled with more unscripted reality shows that you can shake a clapper board at.

Selling the OC has already been green-lit for a third season, and the producers ensure the audience has a reason to stay with it.

If you are a fan of the show, you may be interested in finding out some more background trivia, so this beautifully located and spacious article is here to answer one nagging piece of canon about the show so pull up some lawn furniture and ring that bell as we answer the question: are Jarvis and Rose still friends in Selling the OC?

Jarvis and Rose’s friendship on Selling the OC

A few plot lines run through season two of the show, and one focuses on Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose, two agents for the company that worked together. After season one, it seems that the cracks in their working and personal relationships have started to expand.

The pair seem to be conflicted about their friendship, with Rose saying the friendship was once real while Jarvis doubts they were ever really that close.

It is fair to say that even in season one, tensions were palpable, even being called out by others at the agency.

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Needless to say, the nastiness becomes apparent in season two.

Are Jarvis and Rose still friends in Selling the OC?

No. The pair have made it clear that the friendship, and whatever basis it once had, has eroded like a sandstone cliff beyond repair.

A careful look through some of the footage shows that there is a lot of hostility bubbling underneath the surface of their relationship. Both seem to have opinions on the other’s lifestyle, and it was only a matter of time before things would fall apart.

Why did Jarvis and Rose fall out?

A catalog of reasons could be produced for the slow breakdown between the two. Others in the team would remark on Jarvis and her treatment of Rose, and as the pair worked together, they would start to see “red flags” in the behavior of each other.

Jarvis would be critical of Rose, her attire, and her selling techniques.

Rose would state that Jarvis was not someone she would want as a friend.

Of course, there is probably a lot of conversation and even conflict that we may not have seen in the show, but we can assume a gradual breakdown between the two that became irreconcilable.

However, this reality TV show is filled with people who create friction, tension, drama, and spectacle. What more do you want?

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