Best in Dough – Everything We Know About the Hulu Series

September 9, 2022
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This article discusses the Hulu reality series Best in Dough and will cover the premise, release date, trailer, and cast.

We have a brand new Hulu original cooking series coming out in Best in Dough. The series will feature 10 episodes, with each episode providing a different style of pizza with competitors battling to win cash.

Here’s everything we know about the return of the Hulu series Best in Dough.

Hulu series Best in Dough release date

All 10 episodes of Best in Dough will release on Hulu on September 19, 2022.

Best in Dough premise

Courtesy of Hulu – In a world where there seems to be little agreement on anything, there is one great unifier… the universal love of pizza. “Best In Dough” brings together pizza-obsessed competitors from all walks of life to showcase their pizza-slinging skills and battle it out for a cash prize. Fire up the oven, the first ever pizza competition is on!

Our thoughts on the Premise:

As a pizza lover, the premise makes me excited to see what kind of pizza these chefs will bring to life. Another thing I am excited to see from the series is the dough handling. Will we see some of these chefs come on the show and impress us with their slinging of the dough? I love seeing these chefs when you go into pizza shops and toss it up in the air and do fancy stuff with the dough.

The production team

Executive Producer: Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Nan Strait, Dan Volpe, Dave O’Connor, Chris Ying, Christopher Chen, Candace Nelson, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen, and Cat Sullivan

Hulu series Best in Dough main cast

Here is the confirmed cast:

  • Wells Adams – Host
  • Chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana – Head Judge
  • Chef Millie Pearltree – Judge
  • Eunji Kim – Judge
  • Bryan Ford – Judge

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer:

I watched the trailer, and now I am hungry. But seriously, the trailer had much of the beats of other food competition shows. You have our host explain what the show is about, and we see our chefs frantically running around the kitchen and several messed-up dishes. I can’t say they did an excellent job of standing out, but I am still intrigued by the show and the various unique episodes Best in Dough has in store for us.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Hulu.