Do Revenge ending explained — will Drea prove Max leaked the video?

By Marc Miller
Published: September 16, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
Do Revenge ending explained — will Drea prove Max leaked the video?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Do Revenge and will contain spoilers.

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The film Do Revenge follows Drea (Camila Mendes), an influencer and star student at a prestigious private high school. She is there on a scholarship. Drea comes from a single-parent home, and her mother is a nurse. Her plan is to go to Yale and then to Harvard law school. We learn all of this at her birthday party, thrown by her boyfriend, Max (Austin Abrams). Drea’s best friend, Tara (Alisha Boe), is also there. It’s a wonderful night, and Max tells her he loves her. Max then asks Drea to send him a sexy video of her. So, she takes off her clothes, tapes herself, and sends it to him. Of course, Max says he was hacked the next day, and it was sent to the entire school. Drea doesn’t believe him and punches him in the face.

Drea is put on probation, and Max is let off the hook. She is told by the Dean (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) that her future is in jeopardy. She spends the summer before her senior year at tennis camp. There, she meets Eleanor, a girl who is going to Drea’s school next year. She overhears two girls being toxic about Drea (one of them played hilariously by Sophie Turner), and Drea promptly sneaks cocaine in their rooms, and they get expelled and sent to rehab.

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Drea is smart and cunning and doesn’t accept anyone’s pity. Eleanor offers Drea a ride home, and they connect because her new friend shares her shameful story. She came out of the closet and told a girl named Carissa that she liked her. This was reciprocated. That girl then told everyone that she tried to kiss her and went back into the closet, effectively ostracizing the poor girl. When they arrive for their senior year, they join to get revenge against the ones who wronged them.

Especially after when they arrive, Drea finds Max is now dating her best friend and starting a club to “support” women. In fact, her entire group blames Drea for punching him in the face. Not because he didn’t do it, necessarily, but because he is rich, and his family has power and influence. So, Eleanor will infiltrate her old clique, and Drea will befriend Carissa. While this happens, Drea falls for Carissa’s friend (Ms. Marvel‘s Rish Shah), and Eleanor develops a crush on Max’s little sister, Gabbi (Never Rarely Sometimes Always‘ Taila Ryder).

Eventually, Drea exposes Nora, who is studying to be a chef, using the school greenhouse to grow the “wacky-tobaccy” and “shrooms.” They spike the school dinner she cooks, and the Dean finds the stash. Nora is expelled and sent to rehab (how rich people send their kids to prison). Eleanor gets into all of Max’s social media posts and finds he is sleeping with every living, breathing girl at the school. The girls send all his DMs and texts to the entire school during his speech about respecting women. Initially, we think he is exposed as the fraud he is, but his clique goes into action. They start spreading the message that anatomy is an old-world thinking style. In fact, his polygamy is respecting everyone’s right to choose. Besides, now everyone is in school, men included, and they think they have a chance to sleep with him.

When Drea expects Eleanor to keep helping expose them, she doesn’t. In part, because her friends threw her a party at her house for her birthday, and Drea didn’t even know it was her birthday. Even after they bonded, Drea let her guard down by allowing her new friend to pity her. Drea shows up at the party, the “clique” wonders why she is there, and they have an argument out front where she is not convinced Max leaked that video. Drea leaves, and Gabbi overhears them. Her new girlfriend is taken aback by Eleanor who doesn’t believe Max sent it. Also, Drea is denied entry into Yale because someone, she thinks Max, sent the documentation of her probation for punching Max in the face.

However, it doesn’t matter. Eleanor has a secret that Drea uncovers when visiting Nora. She reminds Drea that it was her who started that rumor about Eleanor. Drea is so obsessed and narcissistic about her own problems she fails to recognize it is her and that Eleanor looks different now because she has gotten a nose job and used to go by the name “Nora.” When the jig is up, Eleanor has gone full “villain” mode, passed the point of no return, and now blackmailed Drea into taping the entire group at the admissions party doing the “craziest” stuff they have ever done. Drea will then leak it, and it will be traced back to her own IP address. If she doesn’t, Eleanor will plant drugs on her mother, who will then lose her nurse’s license.

Netflix’s Do Revenge ending explained

When Drea leaves, Nora hits her while she is driving. This puts her in the hospital. Not attempted murder, but to put her in the hospital so her old friends would accept her back into the group. Both are now dumped by their potential loved ones, so Drea exposes the group to Eleanor’s real identity at the party. Nora gets upset and leaves, and Drea follows her out. She apologizes for everything she did to her. Drea tells her that she is the only real friend she ever had and doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

That’s when Max comes out and exposes both for their deeds. He will use all his resources to destroy them all because he took Nora’s phone and now has proof of their entire plan. Of course, Max must give a speech about how he hates Drea for being a selfish sociopath. He knows this because they are clones of each other. He then admits to both that he told Drea he loved her so she would send him the video and forward it along to the entire school.

We then find out Nora was taping Max the entire time. They hug and play the video for everyone at the admissions party, exposing Max to the toxic male figure he really is. The girls become best friends and get back together with both of their love interests. Max joins a self-help group for male toxicity.

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