See season 3, episode 4 recap – “The Storm”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 16, 2022
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“The Storm” expertly pushes the narrative forwards as war closes in on our cast of characters. There are plenty of gory fight sequences on display and some seriously feral moments in the fourth installment.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series See season 3, episode 4, “The Storm,” contains spoilers.

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War is on the horizon in our dystopian sci-fi series and the creators are happy to milk this scenario for all its worth. As we reach the half way point in the season, I’m hoping the best is still to come. “The Storm” separates into three main narratives. Sibeth has escaped her prison and is now lost in the woods, Baba Voss and his team head on an adventure to destroy the bombs, whilst Harlan works with Ambassador Trovere to keep the political peace.

See season 3, episode 4 recap

The fourth chapter opens with Sibeth roaming the streets after she ditched her baby boy. The possessed murderer hides from the pursuing guards and their dogs by coating herself in horse excrement. She’s guided out of the city by a moving cart and then disappears into the forest. Her journey takes a turn for the worse though, as she struggles to find food or shelter out in mother nature. Sibeth fails to catch any prey and covers herself in leaves to keep warm that first night. This is one almighty fall from grace indeed for the former queen.

Baba says goodbye to his trusty, new dog and asks him to watch over his grandson Wolffe. The warrior is leading his gang of followers on a daunting mission and worries Sibeth may come back for the boy. Charlotte, Baba, Haniwa, Kofun and Wren set out on their adventure. Kofun apologizes for aiding Sibeth in her escape, but Baba understands, saying he was just looking out for his son. They reach Ranger’s layer and manage to persuade him to join the fight. Baba and Ranger go back a long way and it is revealed that Ranger has an unrivalled hatred for Tormada, because the mad scientist did horrifying experiments upon Ranger for years, torturing the poor soul.

Harlan sneaks into Trivantes, hiding in a cart carrying chickens of all things. With the help of Trovere, he aims to warn the council of a rogue faction working within their government, one that yearns for destruction. Harlan and Trovere meet with The Bank to discuss this insurrection. The Bank senses something is amiss within her ranks, yet she still wants to do some more digging of her own before jumping to conclusions. Tormada is in the city and Trovere wishes to listen in on his meeting with The Triangle.

The ending

Trovere tries to convince Harlan to leave his old life behind and live with her instead. It becomes clear that even though Harlan and Maghra’s marriage is a sham, he still has strong feelings for her. Trovere can’t seem to win him over however hard she tries. At the meeting the next day, Tormada proposes conquering Paya with his new unbeatable weapons. The Bank surprisingly sides with Tormada and then a bomb explodes killing the other members. Harlan just about escapes with his life and Trovere tends to his wounds. She explains how she has been working in secret with both Tormada and The Bank to formulate this coup.

Sibeth hides from wolves, eats insects and then finds shelter in a cave. Here she fends off a pesky rattlesnake and the cold, verging on insanity as the night wears on. She returns to the city, rejuvenated after her sabbatical, hoping to join allegiance with Lucien and his witch finder posse.

Baba and his gang find their way to the base, where Oloman’s family are held captive, forced to build these weapons of mass destruction. The gang valiantly fight off the guards in gory battle and free the sighted family. As Haniwa exits the building to inform Baba of their successes, an army marches towards them. Haniwa spies Harlan conspiring with the enemy, openly amongst these murderers. It would seem an epic battle is about to commence between good and evil. Has Harlan chosen the wrong side though?

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