5 Reasons to Watch Designing Miami

September 18, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the reality series Designing Miami and does not contain any spoilers.

In Designing Miami, the show not only gives us an insight into properties within Miami, but we’ll also watch two of Miami’s best designers (Eilyn and Ray) along the way. But is the show any good? Below are five reasons why you should give the show a watch.

5 Reasons To Watch Designing Miami

Reason 1. Features a Husband and Wife Team.

Slated as being the most sizzling designers in Miami, Ray and Eilyn Jimenez are fronting the latest in a long list of home renovation shows. However, as this version features a married couple, it looks like it could include a lot of competition between the pair. As such, it freshens up the format and helps it feel more original. And as they come from under-represented groups, that’s even more of a reason to watch the show!

Reason 2. Looks Fun

As briefly mentioned above, the show looks fun! Rather than some dull experts who don’t bring much life to the show, Eilyn and Ray seem to own the screen. Therefore, it helps bring a quirky and uplifting feel to the show.

Reason 3. Family Suitable

Everyone in the family can enjoy this show. The viewers are able to catch a glimpse of Eilyn and Ray’s working life. It doesn’t look like it will be too raunchy, nor will it be unsuitable for younger viewers. Therefore, it could be the perfect show to watch whilst you’re all together.

Reason 4. Promotes Miami

As the show features some stunning properties and decent views of Miami, it helps brings a glamorous look to the city that has, in the past, been named the worst city in America.

Reason 5. Binge-Worthy

With just eight episodes, it could be the kind of show that you could easily binge during one weekend. Property shows might not always sound the most exciting, but with Ray and Eilyn fronting the show, it could be Netflix’s next big hit. And since their presence jumps through the screen, the show may have struck gold by hiring them as competitors. 

What did you think about Designing Miami? Can you think of any more reasons to watch it? Comment below!

You can watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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