5 Reasons to Watch Entergalactic

September 19, 2022
Adam Lock 0
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix special Entergalactic and does not contain any spoilers. 

Netflix has partnered with American musician and all-round creative Kid Cudi to produce a one-off TV special, Entergalactic, which will premiere on the streaming site on September 30th. This TV special combines Kid Cudi’s unique style of hip-hop with state-of-the-art animation to conjure up something entirely unique. If you are eagerly anticipating this feature length presentation or are unsure whether it is worth your precious time, then here are five reasons to watch the Netflix special.

5 Reasons to Watch Entergalactic 

Reason 1. Kid Cudi

Not simply just one of Kanye West’s frequent collaborators, Kid Cudi is an impressive solo act in his own right. He’s sold millions of records, won plenty of awards and is set to release his eighth studio album alongside this TV special. The musician may be best known for his alternative style of hip-hop, but he is also an actor, seen in Don’t Look Up, Westworld and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The talented creative is now working behind the scenes as well, producing horror movies Pearl and X, with his debut feature length also in the works. In other words, Kid Cudi is a talent to keep an eye on.

Reason 2. The gorgeous visuals

The trailer sparked many comparisons to that of the comic-book movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Both are stunningly realized animations that push the boundaries of the art form. Entergalactic looks truly cinematic, featuring some visually captivating dream sequences and many inventive set pieces. Animation fans will adore this TV special that portrays Kid Cudi’s unique style perfectly.

Reason 3. An amazing voice cast

Entergalactic is packed with amazing, Hollywood actors providing some impressive voice work. Scott Mescudi aka. Kid Cudi himself plays the main character Jabari, but the rest of the cast proves an added embarrassment of riches. Timothee Chalamet plays Jabari’s friend Jimmy, Jessica Williams is Jabari’s love interest Meadow and Laura Harrier is Carmen, his ex. There’s also appearances from Vanessa Hudgens, Keith David, Christopher Abbott, Macaulay Culkin, and musicians Ty Dolla Sign, 070 Shake and Teyana Taylor.

Reason 4. The soundtrack

Kid Cudi is using his latest album as the soundtrack to this TV special. Yes, it may be shameless promotion on his behalf, but this is exciting none-the-less. Fans of the musician are getting a feature length film to go alongside all this new music. It’s like one very expensive music video, provided by Netflix, to hype up his latest LP. The music itself sounds like some of Kid Cudi’s best work in years, featuring some talented guest vocalists too.

Reason 5. Promoting adult animation

Entergalactic may be a showcase for Kid Cudi’s diverse talents and free promotion for his new album, but it also promotes adult animation. This is a subgenre which is slowly building traction and growing in people’s estimations. This art form provides a large canvas for some great, ground-breaking entertainment, telling unique stories that can only come from this particular medium. So it is a positive step forwards when Netflix puts a lot of money and faith into a project of this caliber. Hopefully streaming sites can continue to promote adult animation going forwards.

Will you be watching Entergalactic when it premieres on Netflix on September 30th? What are you most excited about?