Entergalactic ending explained – do Jabari and Meadow end up together?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 30, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
Entergalactic ending explained - do Jabari and Meadow end up together?

This article contains major spoilers for Netflix’s Entergalactic, including the ending.

Netflix‘s feature-length special visual accompaniment to Kid Cudi’s same-titled eighth studio album isn’t really the kind of film that is done justice by one of these articles. It has an ending, sure, and a couple of plot turns that might constitute surprises, but there’s little here that truly needs explaining. The work doesn’t excel on the strength of its plot beats, or even its core relationship, but instead how those things are informed by the outstanding visuals and soundtrack.

Still, for the sake of posterity, here’s what actually happened. And just in case you’re interested in a spoiler-free version of our thoughts on the special overall, here’s our Entergalactic review.

Entergalactic ending explained

Entergalactic is a love story about two artists, Jabari and Meadow, who become neighbors and then lovers at a speed neither of them is necessarily prepared for. The two are different — Bari is a street artist; Meadow’s a photographer — but very much alike in how devoted they are to self-expression, to New York City, and quickly to each other.

We know how Jabari feels about Meadow even before he does because by the time they meet we’ve already seen him wriggle out of rekindling a relationship with an old flame named Carmen, claiming not to have the time for a relationship with anyone right now. Famous last words! Bari and Meadow quickly become closer, and in a series of beautiful montages, we see them grow closer and develop what is an unlabelled but also unmistakable relationship.

That’s where things get a little complicated. With both at major turning points in their careers — Bari’s locally famous artistic creation, Mr. Rager, is being turned into a comic book series by a big publisher, while Meadow is prepping for a museum exhibition of her work — are they able to commit to one another? The catalyzing event for some of these questions is Meadow finding a text on Bari’s phone from Carmen — a photo of her wearing his hoodie and nothing else. What’s all that about?

As we see in a little flashback, Jabari just called by to help her get a rat out of her kitchen. He left his hoodie by mistake, and Carmen, not exactly buying into the whole “let’s be friends routine”, shot her shot. These kinds of things happen, but it certainly looks a little suspect to Meadow. Still, she’s pretty rational about it. She takes some time away from Jabari, but there’s no big, dramatic fight. They simply begin to drift away from one another, even though neither is ready to let the other go (this is communicated through montages of the two talking to their respective friends about their feelings; a nice mirror of their meet-cute.)

These conversations, though, lead both Jabari and Meadow to realize that they want to be with one another. Bari turns up to Meadow’s exhibit and then promptly disappears, using his graffiti to lead her back to the vegan burger joint where they had their first unofficial “date”. They run into each other’s arms and kiss for a nice happily-ever-after.

The movie’s final frame is Bari’s Mr. Rager character pointing admiringly up at one of Meadow’s photos, which is being displayed on a billboard; their art intertwined.

You can stream Entergalactic exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of Entergalactic’s ending? Let us know in the comments.

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