Thai Cave Rescue season 1 review – an overlong limited series

By Jordan Lyon
Published: September 21, 2022 (Last updated: November 25, 2023)
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Its timing is weird, considering that two other shows/films based on the same true story are currently being released. And it is too long, which makes the story feels tiresome. On the flip side, some good acting and truly emotive scenes will stay with you.

This review of the Netflix limited series Thai Cave Rescue season 1 does not contain spoilers.

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It’s really great to see a Thai production get a major release on Netflix. And if you’re not aware, this covers the Tham Luang cave rescue mission. In 2018, 13 young footballers and their junior coach went into a cave. However, after some heavy downpours, they all found themselves trapped within. The six-episode series covers the mission to rescue them.

The odd thing, however, is how it’s one of three currently being released that cover the true story. Firstly there’s Thirteen Lives (which arrives on Amazon Prime). Then there’s Cave Rescue. Additionally, there’s also The Rescue which aired on National Geographic last year. So is there even any point in Thai Cave Rescue?

Well, first of all, my biggest criticism of the show is its length. The story of the real-life rescue mission could have very easily been covered in the length of the film. And whilst I haven’t seen Thirteen Lives, I would imagine that this managed to compact the story into a much more condensed form. There may only be six episodes (ranging from 45-60+mins), but they sometimes feel quite exhausting. If there had been fewer episodes, I personally feel that the show would have been much more hard-hitting.

Going back to the mass release of the true story, the timing of the series is quite unfortunate. It might be the show’s biggest downfall. This could be because most of the audience may turn to the Amazon Prime movie, which features Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell. The A-List additions may draw an audience who may therefore overlook this series. Because let’s be honest, not many are going to watch both the film and series based on the same event. And that truly is a shame for the Thai team that has made and produced the series.

In the show, the star performances belong to Papangkorn Rerkchalermpoj as Eak, the junior coach, and Arisara Wongchalee as Mark’s mother, Namhom. Their deep sadness, regret, and all of the emotions they showcase are very powerful. Bravo to them. When Thai Cave Rescue wants to create emotion, it certainly does. Those who’re familiar with the attempts to rescue the trapped football team, they will know that there’s tragedy along the way. And with this, alongside the raw emotion of parents whose children are trapped down in the cave, it’ll be hard not to shed a tear. In a nutshell, it might not be the best thing to watch. However, it will bring strong feelings.

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