Snabba Cash season 2 ending explained – does Leya succeed?

September 22, 2022
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This article contains major spoilers for the Snabba Cash Season 2 ending. You can check out our spoiler-free review by clicking these words.

Snabba Cash really circles the drain in its second season, touching on a lot of the same themes and ideas as the first season as the characters continue to make very similar mistakes (most of them related to financial management). It’s also a bit needlessly complicated, with a wonky screenplay stretched to uneven proportions by a slow pace and misplaced focus. But nevertheless, here’s how things went down.  

Snabba Cash season 2 ending explained

As we rejoin the characters, we find Leya doing quite well for herself, at least materially. TargetCoach is due to be listed on the stock market. She’s dressing a little more upmarket. She’s still moderately haunted by the things she had to be privy to in order to get there, including Salim’s death and Tim taking the fall for it. The guilt and trauma are beginning to get the best of her, and Tomas isn’t helping with his wishy-washy attitude.  

Things are going even worse for Ravy. His girlfriend is pregnant but unless he leaves his old life behind completely, he’s never going to be able to build a life with her. But he’s broke, so he needs to get back in the game, especially since a new rival by the name of Zaki – basically the Jamie to Ravy’s Dushane, if anyone has watched Top Boyis looking to create an empire of his own. Zaki is ruthless, uses children in his business, and also knows Tim from prison, so all in all, not a good mix.  

Leya gets mixed up in all this once again because she needs cash flow to cover up one of Tomas’s mistakes involving an illegal transaction code, so she offers to be a middleman in one of Markos’s deals. Zaki eventually kills Markos and tells Leya she has to work for him, but since it benefits them to get Zaki out of the way, Nala and Osman agree to help Leya, especially since they’re losing faith in Ravy, who is determined to go straight, start a life with his girlfriend and cultivate a relationship with Sami.  

You know how all this talk of getting out of “the life” and seeking God and forgiveness tends to work out in stories like this, so Ravy bites the dust. Out of both revenge and necessity, Leya, with Nala’s help, manages to corner and kill Zaki, though the act doesn’t come easily given her lingering sense of trauma and responsibility for what happened to Salim.  

There’s a clear point here – that getting everything you wanted doesn’t necessarily constitute a happy ending. Leya gets there with TargetCoach, and her newfound success should mean, ideally, that she can leave the shady life behind. But she still must live with what she saw and did, what she was responsible for. At the very end of the season, Jamal, a good-hearted guy who had a close relationship with Leya, tells her that he knows who she is – about her association with the very same gangsters whose business caused the deaths of children. She claims he knows nothing about her – and she’s probably right, since she barely knows who she is herself anymore. 

You can stream Snabba Cash Season 2 exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the Snabba Cash Season 2 ending? Let us know in the comments.

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