Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap – “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 12, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Tell Me Lies Season 1, Episode 8 Recap
Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 8 - "Don't Go Wasting Your Emotion" (Credit - Hulu)




With Pippa the focus of this episode, there’s a sense that something big is around the corner.

As more people discover the truth behind Macie’s death after Tell Me Lies episode 7, will the truth finally come to light in episode 8?

Pippa wakes up Wrigley and asks if he will come for dinner with her father. Lucy makes plans to go to India, but she still hopes that she and Stephen will be able to meet up. Lucy and Stephen attend a small gig. Stephen’s ex, Diana, just so happens to be the performer. As a result, Lucy purposely makes sure that Diana sees her and Stephen making out.

Later, Stephen calls Lucy out for her behavior. Pippa chats with one of her friends, and they start making out. But after four seconds of being together, Pippa starts to claim she is going to c*m. But obviously, Pippa isn’t there just yet. Instead, Pippa comes clean that she doesn’t know what she is doing when it comes to sex.

Pippa reveals that no one liked her before college before adding about a past event that really f**ked her up. After meeting a guy online, she eventually decided to meet up with her. But it turns out it wasn’t real. In reality, it was some girls from her school playing a prank on her.

And after they printed out the conversations, Pippa had to transfer schools. However, as there was always a connection, people at the new school soon found out about the event. Stephen learns that his Mom is going to be unable to pay for his housing.

But as he is smart, his Mom believes he will find a job somewhere. It becomes clear that Stephen’s Mom is angry because Stephen got his funds to help Sadie with her college application.

Diana comes to Stephen’s dorm. She may be angry but wants to check if he is ok. She wonders if kissing Lucy is his way of a cry for help. Stephen tells Diana that his Mom is not going to pay for his housing.

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 8

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 8 – “Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion” (Credit – Hulu)

After Diana comforts him, they end up kissing. But it makes Diana furious when he prevents it from going any further. With the understanding that Stephen will be faithful to Lucy, Diana tells him that she hates him much more than she ever thought she could.

There’s a college party, and Stephen once again tries to get inside Drew’s head. This results in a slight outburst from Drew, and Wrigley tries to calm down. Lucy is unable to find Stephen, so she decides to try to find him. She bumps into Pippa and tells her not to allow Drew to walk all over her.

Believing that Lucy doesn’t already know, Pippa tells Lucy about Drew’s involvement in Macie’s death. Despite being initially kind to Pippa, Lucy turns when Pippa reveals she feels sorry for Drew.

Whilst Stephen agrees with Lucy that Drew should not be here, he adds that there is nothing that they can do about it. Pippa returns to the girl she kissed earlier in the episode; she tells her that she’s unable to leave Wrigley. But that doesn’t matter as the girl says that Pippa is undatable.

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