Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 4 recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 13, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Overall, this is another decent episode. Not the most eventful in terms of story as it only seems to focus mainly on whether Thomas can escape the Tower of London. But the humor remains, and that’s the golden egg in this show.

Our recap of the HBO Max series Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 4, “Silver Birch,” contains spoilers.

There’s a dangerous drug in the world of Pennyworth, and that very drug nearly caused Thomas to murder Martha. But what will happen next? Read the below recap to find out.

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 4 recap

After her husband, Thomas was placed under mind control, he attempted to kill Martha. So, as the episode starts, Martha is in the hospital, and Thomas is in the Tower of London. Alfie wakes up in bed with Sandra, but after her friends ruin the mood, he makes a swift exit. Patrick, Thomas’s father, finds Alfie and asks for his help in breaking Thomas out of the Tower of London.

Next, Alfie rings his Mum, Mary, and warns her to be safe. She is on edge for a while, and when Roger from the lonely hearts club comes to see her, she becomes very frightened. She tells her potential date that she meant to cancel, but he soon sweet-talks his way into being invited for a cup of tea. Alfie tells Patrick that he believes that Thomas was infected with the same drug that Jessica was under when she killed her parents.

Mary rants to Roger about her terrible experiences dating. Later on, Alfie and Dave make plans to break Thomas out of the Tower of London; and throughout the process, Dave looks like an absolute twat. As they break Thomas out, he tells Alfie that he was drugged when he attacked Martha. Luckily, Alfie already believes him. But rather unluckily, the alarms go off whilst the trio is still in the building. Virginia is livid when she finds out that Martha is alive and that Thomas has escaped from the tower. She punches Patrick when she realizes that he is behind Thomas’s escape. She hits him several more times in a bid to find out where Thomas is.

Just as Mary is about to smooch Roger, she hears a noise and gets spooked. Because of her fear, she pulls out her gun. Whilst it only turns out to be Alfie and Thomas, it still scares Roger off. Thomas tells Alfie that he thinks his father is behind all that has happened. Alfie is at first more concerned about getting Thomas on the plane and therefore making himself a millionaire, the look from Mary convinces him otherwise.

The ending

Next, Alfie arrives at Patrick and Virginia’s house. He wants to settle the payment, but Virginia is furious to learn that Patrick has paid £1,000,000 to save Thomas. But Thomas barges into the house and ruins the plan. When Thomas hits Patrick, Patrick reveals it was Virginia’s idea. And he reveals that she is his CIA handler as they have dirt on him. In the next moment, Virginia pulls out a gun and holds Alfie, Thomas, and Patrick hostage. As Virginia tries to control the situation, police barge into the house. It turns out that Alfie has set her up.

But there’s still a problem. Virginia has sent men to come and kill Martha. But luckily, Alfie is able to secure her safety before any harm can come to her. After being released from police custody, Alfie walks in on Dave and Sally having sex. As a result, he and Sandra become trapped in a room, not wanting to interrupt Dave and Sally. While Alfie at first tells Sandra that “he can’t,” they are soon kissing. At the end of the episode, Dr. Glove is held hostage by one of his “admirers.” Who is it?

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