Mismatched season 2 review – a disappointing second instalment

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 14, 2022
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Unfortunately, Mismatched season 2 does not match its predecessor.

We review the Netflix series Mismatched season 2, which does not contain any spoilers or major plot points.

There’s no denying that Mismatched has claimed critical acclaim since season 1, but with anticipation and a sizeable gap between both seasons, many audiences will have been wondering whether this season can pull off the accolades.

Mismatched season 2 provides a seemingly evolving premise; Dimple (played by Prajakta Koli) has lost her app, despiting being a genius code, proving that genius does not mean being commercially minded. Meanwhile, Rishi (played by Rohit Saraf), a character usually ruthlessly a hopeless romantic, has completely lost faith in love.

The story shows both of these characters’ futures in disarray. How they will navigate what’s at stake appears to be the second season’s logline. Season 2 brings fractured friendships, new love interests, more stress from the trials and tribulations of education, and a flurry of broken promises. The second season offers new challenges for our lead characters and one where it will lead audiences to wonder if they will rekindle.

Unfortunately, Mismatched season 2 does not match its predecessor, with many inconsistencies in the story and writing appearing to be dislodged in certain scenes for the sake of it. What we loved about season 1 was the characters and what they represented. There’s nothing to love here. The more miserable our characters look, the more we regret our loyalty to harbor on with season 2.

Mixing education with start-up brains, romance, and innovation appears to give the story the last straw. Cast your eyes to the very first episode that provided much promise and hope, what we are left with is no real story. They’ve stretched it too far. And showing a lack of professional genius from Ayesha Duggirala seems like a choice rather than a mistake. We have to wonder what the writers were wondering when developing this character.

I’m disappointed, to say the least. I expected so much more from the series. And I can’t quite work at the symptom. Lack of chemistry? Maybe. Or maybe this story did not have as much steam as we initially thought. It’s almost like the writers wanted to create for the fans rather than focusing on the story. Let’s hope a third season can capitalize on the first season’s success.

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