Where was the Netflix film Robbing Mussolini filmed?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: October 26, 2022
Where was the Netflix film Robbing Mussolini filmed?

This article discusses “Where was the Netflix film Robbing Mussolini filmed” and may contain minor plot references.

Robbing Mussolini was written and directed by Renato De Maria. It is an Italian crime comedy movie set around World War 2. The story revolves around a Milanese wartime entrepreneur who decides to form a group of misfits and resistance fighters to stage a next-to-impossible heist.

This group of men’s mission was to break into Mussolini’s headquarters and steal all his treasure from him. Even though the real-life version of Mussolini is a bit more terrifying, the revised comedic nature of this story adds something different to the film. There are no narrative restrictions when it comes to changing little pieces of history and adding an entirely new story. To see a part of history and watch it in an entirely different context is interesting. The characters have been changed to suit a comedic storyline while the looming presence of Mussolini is felt.

Anything that has to do with a heist and a band of misfits is always an entertaining time. The group banter and strong comedic moments scattered throughout make this engaging. It’s fun to watch these men try many times to make some sort of a plan to break in. Especially with the pre-conceived perspective of who Mussolini is. The audience carries a different persona with them when it comes to Mussolini and it’s interesting to see an Italian take a different approach to telling a story involving him.

The humor in this film is what makes the movie worth watching. The mix of genres provides an action-comedy-heist which is also odd considering the time period. It’s such a nice mixture of things that are genuinely entertaining set in a much more serious time than this generation would have ever lived through. Even the different backdrops in this film are what spark the curiosity of some viewers because it’s filmed in two separate locations. When it comes to accuracy, the filming locations are the most important and the team Robbing Mussolini made sure to make it as authentic as possible. These filming locations have a beautiful backdrop and set the scene of the 1940s when Mussolini was in power. You are automatically transported to the scenic cities of Lazio and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, while this rag-tag crew makes a fool of themselves and entertains you.

Where was the Netflix film Robbing Mussolini filmed – a breakdown of locations

Lazio, Italy 

There are many sequences in Robbing Mussolini that were shot in Lazio. The cast and crew members reportedly stayed in Rome-Lazio. Many exterior shots were recorded via Genova and around Monte Soratte.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 

There’s a special statue in Friuli-Venezia Giulia for shooting purposes. Trieste is the capital city and served as one of the main production locations for Robbing Mussolini. Palazzo Carciotti at Riva Tre was transformed into Teatro Cabiria for the movie. They also used a couple more locales of the city, including Ponterosso and Porto Vecchio to shoot some other scenes.

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