Robbing Mussolini ending explained – how do they get the gold?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: October 27, 2022
Robbing Mussolini ending explained - how do they get the gold?

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Robbing Mussolini and will contain spoilers.

Robbing Mussolini is a heist movie streaming on Netflix about a band of misfits rallied by a wartime entrepreneur to steal Mussolini’s legendary treasure. From our review:

Pietro, or Isola as he likes to be known, is a thief operating in the Black Market during the closing days of World War Two in Mussolini’s Italy. Pietro and his crew discover that Mussolini and his closest allies have plans to escape Italy for Switzerland and intend to take with them the enormous amount of treasure they amassed in the 20 years of Il Duce’s reign. Always with an eye for a score, Pietro resolves to steal that treasure from the Black Zone, the infamously heavily guarded area of the city.

Robbing Mussolini ending explained

The crew is applying the finishing touches to prepare for the heist. With just 24 hours until the gold leaves the Black Zone for Switzerland, there is much to do. 

We’re ready for action, and an armored truck driven by Fabbri carrying Pietro and Molotov pulls up to the Black Zone. They are posing as Republican Guard, with Pietro as a prisoner. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are hidden inside. They make it past security. Once inside, they split up, with everyone heading to their designated spot. 

Hessa scrambles up a drain pipe, Molotov places his TNT and Marcello takes his position in a window overlooking the courtyard. The driver (disguised as Republican Guard) presents Pietro as a prisoner to the prison camp wardens. 

Once on top of the building, Hessa breaks open a window and makes her way up a spiral staircase. At the top of the staircase, she comes across the radio operator, points a gun at her, and gives her directions. 

Meanwhile, Borsalino has Yvonne as his captive. He intends to sedate her before kidnapping her and taking her with him to Switzerland. Just as he is about to inject her, the phone rings. It is the guard calling to inform Borsalino that Pietro has been brought in as a prisoner. Borsalino instructs the guard to watch him until he can get there. 

With the gun pointed at her, the radio operator turns on the air raid sirens, this is everyone’s cue to spring into action. 

Things start moving quickly, Molotov is discovered as he is laying his bombs, and in the exchange he is shot. Meanwhile, Pietro makes his move with the help of Marcello taking out a few guards from the window. In his wounded state, Molotov is forced to heroically light a cigar and throw it toward the bombs to set them off as his last heroic act — such a badass. 

At this point, people are being shot at and bombs start going off left and right. In the course of the action, the thief is discovered, before comes to her rescue and kills her assailant. However, his heroics are in vain and she is shot. As the skinny guy cradles her in his arms he reaches into her pocket and finds the cigarette case he gave her earlier, it caught the bullet and saved her life! 

The plan seems to be working, the combination of the bombs and the air raid sirens is sending the guards into the building as planned, leaving our band of thieves alone to steal the gold! They make their way toward the room it is stashed in and look at it in wonder. As they start to load it up, Marcello enters the room and asks after Molotov. The look on their faces tells him that he didn’t make it. 

They start to load the truck with their loot and prepare their getaway. Nora greets them and a flashback reveals that she took care of Bosalino by killing him herself. She then double-crosses the band. Pietro grabs her and points a gun at her head until her goons put down their weapons. However, Nora has an ace up her sleeve, she has kidnapped Yvonne and is holding her captive. Pietro orders his crew to put down their guns but Nora tries to take off with Yvonne in the truck with the loot. Just as it appears they are about to get away the resistance appears and they are shooting. Between them, the resistance and the crew open fire against Nora but Nora gets away with the loot and Yvonne. 

Fabbri guy has an idea, they give chase. Very quickly they gain on Nora and Yvonne and Pietro executes a daring leap into the Jeep carrying Nora’s goons, in spite of his lack of formal training he easily bests three fully trained soldiers. Fabbri meanwhile, uses his world-famous driving skill to wield a machine gun in his spare hand taking out the driver of the truck. The truck crashes into the lake and sinks, carrying the loot but luckily Nora and Yvonne survive. Once on dry land, Pietro produces a couple of wedding rings from his pocket that he nabbed earlier and he and Yvonne have a big old smooch. The gold remains at the bottom of the river. 

The End. 

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