Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 7 recap – how does Alfie get out of the prison?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 3, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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A slower episode in regards to the tone and pace. Plus, as several of the big questions from the previous episode, such as whether Bet is alive or not, are pretty much ignored, it’s a slightly frustrating episode.

We recap the HBO Max series Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 7, “Don’t Push It,” which contains spoilers.

After falling for Zahra and then saving her life, Alfie came to realize that he was responsible for capturing her father. As a result, her father is in a highly secure prison that no one knows the location of. Will Alfie be able to free her father in this episode? Read the below recap to find out.

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 7 recap

Alfie and Dave are on the lookout for the secret prison. Will they find it? Dave isn’t that optimistic about their chances. As they stand in the middle of nowhere, Alfie wonders if he finally spots something. Yet, Dave tries to convince him that there’s nothing there. Later, when they go for a pint, a local man tells them the story of the “prison without walls”. The local says that whilst he hasn’t seen the prison himself, he may be able to lead them towards its direction — “Follow the boy”, he tells them. That very conversation and a nightmare about the boy lead Alfie to a mysterious tunnel in the field.

Deciding to “fu*k it”, Alfies goes down the tunnel. And it looks like he has found a way into the prison. But those within the prison are aware that he is nearby. A guard pulls a gun on Alfie. Alfie, however, overpowers the guard and gets them to take him to Zahra’s father, Zeya. But her father is skeptical about escaping as he is more than aware of the fence’s power. Instead, he would much rather stay than take a chance on Alfie’s seemingly hopeless mission of escape.

Martha learns that Jon Salt is dead (But is Bet also dead?) When Mary enters the scene, the conversation turns to the murder of Thomas’s father. But is Martha beginning to wonder whether Thomas could be responsible? Lucius warns Dave that he needs to leave the area, but it’s obviously way too late for Alfie. As they realize that Alfie may be in a bit of trouble, Dave and Lucius have their own problems to deal with.

The leader of the prison learns that Prisoner #47 is missing and that Alfie, the intruder, has yet to be caught. As Alfie and Zeya attempt to escape the prison, Zahra’s father pulls the gun on Alfie. It turns out that Zahra’s father recognizes him as being the man who locked him up in the first place. Therefore, he has trouble believing that Alfie is actually trying to save him. But when Alfie convinces Zeya that he loves Zahra, Zeya soon hands back the gun.

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 7 ending

Either way, it doesn’t matter, as the leader of the prison soon catches them. Meanwhile, in the outside world, Martha goes to the Prime Minister and begins to prey on the situations surrounding Jon Salt’s death. However, the Prime Minister is more concerned about the leak. Inside the prison, Alfie is strapped to a sort of torturing device as the leader mocks him over the ghosts within his own past. But the leader doesn’t have time for small talk with Alfie. Instead, she wants to see what tortures him.

After she “feels his pain”, she understands why he was brought here. After a dreamlike sequence in which a little boy is killed after standing on a bomb, Alfie gets rescued by Dave and Lucius. But when Alfie goes to leave, the leader warns Alfie that the electric fence will turn his brain to mash when he leaves. But Lucius reveals that the shield is a person. Therefore, as Alfie understands it, the prison is not the thing trapping them, but rather themselves. Martha calls Thomas and leaves a message. She bursts into tears soon after, with Thomas choosing not to speak to her.

After Alfie turns off the person, it looks like he may be free to leave the prison with no walls. Back in the normal world, and with her father safe, Zahra apologizes for all the things she has said to Alfie. And to keep her father safe, Zahra takes him out of the country. But not before she kisses Alfie one last time.

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