10 TV shows like The English you must watch

By E.C Ryder
Published: November 17, 2022
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We discuss 10 TV shows like The English you must watch. Bookmark these excellent selections. 

The fantastic Emily Blunt stars as Cornelia Locke, an Englishwoman who travels to the American West in the 1880s and teams up with a member of the Pawnee nation in search of the man she considers responsible for the death of her son. The English is a gorgeously shot, slow, and not particularly revolutionary entry into the Western canon, which for fans of this very specific genre is probably a good thing. Here are 10 Western shows that you must watch if you liked The English. 

10 TV shows like The English you must watch

Godless (2017)

This brutal Netflix miniseries is worth watching for the stand-out performance from Jeff Daniels as the vicious outlaw Frank Griffin. The Washington Post and Variety named it one of the ten best shows of 2017, so it’s definitely a must-see for Western fans.

Hell on Wheels (2011)

Like a lot of AMC shows, it’s inconsistent and perhaps overly long, but Hell on Wheels‘ depiction of the construction of the first transcontinental railroad remains engaging and deeply entertaining. Colm Meaney as the semi-villainous Thomas Durant is excellent, as is Common in his performance of the recently freed slave Elam Ferguson.

Deadwood (2004)

The beloved HBO series finally got a feature film in 2019, so if you missed the show first time round, there’s never been a better time to binge. Deadwood is named after the town in South Dakota, and follows its various colorful inhabitants (most of whom really love to swear).

Longmire (2012)

This one is a modern Western based on a series of crime novels called The Walt Longmire Mysteries. Narratively, it’s more of a mystery, but Longmire‘s aesthetic and setting in Wyoming firmly plants it in Western territory.

Justified (2010)

Here’s another modern Western. Pulling from Deadwood, it also stars Timothy Olyphant–perhaps the Clint Eastwood of the 21st Century. With six seasons, eight Emmy nominations, and two wins — Justified is one of the best Western shows out there.

Yellowstone (2018)

Sicario and Hell or High Water writer Taylor Sheridan created this wildly popular show in 2018, and while it has become increasingly soap-operaish, lovers of the Western genre will find a lot to enjoy. Also Kevin Costner fans will be very happy.

Hatfields and McCoys (2012)

Kevin Costner fans will also be happy with this 2012 miniseries that stars Costner and Bill Paxton as the opposing patriarchs of the two warring families. It’s a long, violent affair, but still largely effective.

1883 (2021)

A prequel to Yellowstone, this one is a more classic Western, as it is set (you guessed it) in 1883. The series tracks the post-Civil generation of the Dutton family (the main characters of Yellowstone) as they embark on the Oregon trail.

Outer Range (2022)

Blending the genres of science fiction and Western to a largely satisfying result, Outer Range is entertaining but weighed down by far too many subplots and not enough Josh Brolin.

Frontier (2016)

It’s not a Western in the classic sense, as it is set in Canada, and everything looks a lot colder than the deserts of most Westerns, but the grim machismo and unflinching violence is certainly reminiscent of the genre. Jason Momoa is, not surprisingly, badass in this show about the fur-trade of the 1700s.

Do you have any other recommendations for TV shows like The English? Let us know!

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