Elite season 6, episode 7 recap – why does Mencia get spiked?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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Elite season 6, episode 7 recap - why does Mencia get spiked?


Some new developments increase the pace of this penultimate episode. But are there still surprises to come?

This recap of Elite season 6, episode 7, “Masks”, contains spoilers.

These days it seems like you can’t have a teen drama without some kind of masquerade ball, and the fittingly-titled “Masks”, the penultimate episode of Elite’s sixth season, provides exactly that. It also provides some movement in other big storylines ahead of the finale. We know at the start of this episode, for instance, that Ari at least burns a car, which implies she’s involved in what happened to Ivan, but we do get some more specifics about that towards the end.

Elite season 6, episode 7 recap

The masquerade party at Isa’s playhouse is, at least, a good excuse for the show to really flourish in its production design and costuming, which has always been a strong suit. It also works thematically on some level, since so many of the characters are already hiding so much about themselves at this point.

The event works as a kind of nexus for a lot of ongoing drama. Patrick and Ivan are both there, for instance. Ari, meanwhile, learns she is pregnant with Ivan’s baby after their little dalliance in a previous episode and sets about essentially trying to drink the kid out of her. And Raul turns up looking for Sara, who you’ll recall threw him out in Elite season 6, episode 6.

As part of Raul’s efforts, he ends up spiking Mencia’s drink, which ends up mattering a great deal in a rather unexpected way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Since Didac hasn’t had that much to do since he was instrumental in exposing Javi’s role in Isadora’s assault, it’s nice to see his relationship with Isa develop a bit here, and his being fired because of his enigmatic family business adds a bit more mystery to him. And it’s certainly a much better romance than what’s going on with Ivan and Patrick at the moment. The former just refuses to take anything seriously, causing the latter a great deal of trauma and upset.

When Ari, drunk, leaves the party, Mencia, drugged, tries to follow. And as we see her fondle for the car keys, barely conscious, the pieces begin to come together. Ivan leaves at around the same time to try and make amends with Patrick, and we think we know what happens from there. Or do we? Mencia awakes in the driver’s seat of the car with the windshield smashed and no memory of what happened, but does Elite have one more twist up its sleeve in the finale?

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