Somebody season 1 ending explained – who killed the serial killer Yun-o?

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)
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We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Somebody season 1, episode 8, which explains the ending and contains spoilers. Who killed the serial killer Yun-o? Let’s dive in. 

Well, this has been a deep and indulgent K-Drama thriller. Somebody has had its ups and downs, but it felt expected that season 1 would end in dramatic terms. With the serial killer Yun-o (Kim Young-kwang) running out of time, how will Kim Sum (Kang Hae-lim) deal with losing someone that makes her feel loved? There’s plenty to discuss, so let’s dive into the finale of the K-Drama series Somebody. 

Somebody season 1, episode 8 recap

Gi-eun is surprised to see Kim Sum. She tells Sum that the photo of her and her boyfriend tells her everything — the man is not her boyfriend because she’s picky about body proportions. Gi-eun tells Kim Sum that she’s going to catch the serial killer and asks her not to interfere. That’s a massive ask from Gi-eun, and it presents plenty of risks.

Meanwhile, Yun-o is scrolling through the dating app Somebody. Someone messages him, claiming to know him, and then requests a video chat. When the chat opens, a woman shows her face up close and starts giggling; she asks, “how’s his project doing?” which alarms Yun-o.

He has no idea who she is and asks for her identity again, but he gets no answers, and he becomes a frustrated figure. Yun-o continues to get disturbing videos, with one woman asking him to strangle her.

Yun-o ends up face to face with Mok-won, moving towards her in a menacing way. She offers him a fortune-telling session, remaining as calm as she can. Yun-o asks her if she’s friends with Kim Sum and wonders what her interest is in him. He cruelly calls Gi-eun the “Wheelchair Girl” and says she is beyond redemption.

Yun-o starts justifying his view of the world, calling people who try to refine themselves as “worthless.” Mok-won smiles ironically at that statement and then laughs, but then Yun-o grabs her by the mouth. After asserting control, he lets go of her mouth. He smashes something sentimental while Mok-won is panic-stricken. Yun-o leaves, leaving Mok-won in despair.

Mok-won then speaks to Gi-eun, tears flooding. She tells her that they do not have much time to bring down Yun-o. So the pair visit Kim Sum. Mok-won empties a bag of evidence on Yun-o, and they use gloves to check out a smartphone that he has used. Gi-eun believes she has enough for an arrest warrant with the Violent Crimes Department. Kim Sum does not believe she has enough to prove violence, but only a communications violation. Mok-won then reveals that Yun-o visited her, and the serial killer knows they are all friends.

With time running out, Mok-won tells Kim Sum that if she doesn’t tell them anything about Yun-o, they will not be able to win. Kim Sum reveals she removed all her knives from her home after giving them to the serial killer. She hangs her head in shame. Mok-won packs up everything and leaves in disgust.

Tensions rise in the Somebody finale as Yun-o starts to lose control with the constant barrage of confusing video calls. Kim Sum then receives a video call from Yun-o, and they talk. Yun-o admits to Kim Sum that he used her app to kill people; he wishes he met her sooner, presumably believing that he may not be the killer he was if he fell in love with her first. Kim Sum tells him to “start over,” but even we, the audience, can feel that is wishful thinking.

The lovers meet up and embrace, sexual tensions high as they undress. They lay briefly on the bed together, and then Yun-o walks away. Afterward, Yun-o brings Sum a drink as she works at her desk. Yun-o sits down, and then Kim Sum proceeds to breathe deeply while fingering herself as he watches. She finishes, and as she opens her eyes, she sees that Yun-o is not even looking at her.

Eventually, Yun-o leaves, and Kim Sum tells him that she wants to go to their hideout. This is a tragic love story — a twisted woman that misunderstands her world is in love with a twisted serial killer. The next day, Gi-eun suspects that Kim Sum will meet Yun-o and wants her to help locate him. Kim Sum is tentative on the subject and asks Gi-eun if she will bring the police; she reminds her that she’s met someone very special.

Somebody season 1, episode 8 ending explained – who killed the serial killer Yun-o?

Armed with more evidence, Gi-eun teams up with her colleagues to track Yun-o down, using Kim Sum’s ID on the app. Meanwhile, Yun-o receives a message from Kim Sum, telling him she does not think she can make it so they can escape together. Yun-o tries to make her feel reassured, stating she will love it. However, Kim Sum is not confident that things will change. The couple have a video chat. Yun-o tells Kim Sum that he likes her a lot. Kim Sum then laughs, but as she does, Yun-o is sliced across his face and stabbed in his neck.

Yun-o bleeds profusely on the floor as he looks up at his murderer and asks who they are. However, the person who murdered him does not respond. As he slowly dies, Kim Sum asks Yun-o on the video call to tell him one last time that he likes her. So he does. She asks him, again and again, to tell her that he likes her. It’s clear he wasn’t talking to the real Kim Sum on the video chat. Meanwhile, the real Kim Sum leaves the building after killing Yun-o. She was the murderer.

Sum takes off her gloves and cleans up. The death of Yun-o sinking in. A friend then picks her up on a scooter.

Kim Sum goes full circle, playing arcade games, her face lighting up at the visuals. Happiness in her demeanor returns. This was her first love.

The episode ends with a bittersweet feeling. The tormentor has gone, but there’s an eeriness to end the story.

What did you think of the Netflix K-Drama series Somebody season 1, episode 8, and the ending? Comment below.

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