Is Netflix’s 1899 based on the Bermuda Triangle?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 19, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Is Netflix’s 1899 based on the Bermuda Triangle? In this article, we discuss the links between the series and the Bermuda Triangle urban legend.

The Netflix original series 1899 centers on the story of the steamship the Kerberos, which comes across a missing ship whilst traveling across the Atlantic Ocean on a routine voyage from Europe to New York. The Captain feels compelled to investigate this abandoned ship, which has been missing for four months now, stranded in the middle of the unrelenting Atlantic. Those brave souls who decide to search the Prometheus are astounded by what they find on board, unleashing great horrors in the process. The idea of missing ships, unusual triangular symbols, and ghostly goings-on out at sea will instantly bring to mind the urban legend of the Bermuda Triangle. So, it seems only logical to ask the question, is 1899 based on this phenomena the Bermuda Triangle? Let’s discuss the theory further.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water that maps out a triangular shape with three distinct vertices. These corners that make up the Devil’s Triangle are the island of Bermuda itself, Florida’s southernmost points, and the island of Puerto Rico. This mysterious body of water has gained a frightening reputation over the years, due to all the ships and planes that have gone missing in its region.

Many incidents have occurred in this expansive body of water, yet critics argue that this isn’t any different than any other area of the ocean. The figures have either been exaggerated for effect or fall within the usual parameters when analyzed in more depth. There are many debates on the paranormal aspect of this phenomenon, and numerous scientific reasons as well, pointing mainly towards rational natural causes or human error.

What are the ghost ships in the Bermuda Triangle?

There have been many reports of incidents involving ships going missing in the Bermuda Triangle. As the infamous urban legend grew in popularity, these tragedies took on new meaning and began to be referred to as ghost ships. There are at least fifteen examples of strange or deadly events occurring in the Bermuda Triangle that happened whilst out at sea, with entire ships and their crew vanishing in mysterious circumstances.

The most famous include the HMS Atalanta, which disappeared in 1880 and was never recovered. USS Cyclops also vanished without a trace, back in 1918, its crew and the actual ship itself were never found. In 1921, the Carroll A. Deering was found, but without its crew, remaining an unsolved mystery to this very day. Even the Mary Celeste has ties to the Bermuda Triangle conspiracy, although it was abandoned in an entirely different area of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was found adrift in 1872 without any of its crew members aboard. It’s the most famous of these ghost ship tales, although it is also the most loosely linked.

Is Netflix’s 1899 based on the Bermuda Triangle?

1899 isn’t based on the Bermuda Triangle, but you can see that the creators have been inspired and influenced by the stories of this most famous of conspiracies. The show’s setting and date are a strong indicator of this too. The Kerberos is traveling across the Atlantic Ocean at the end of the 19th century when most of these strange incidents started to occur. The show uses an upside-down triangle symbol on numerous occasions, which is more than likely a nod to the Bermuda Triangle or may even be a homage of some kind. The symbol is found all over the Kerberos and on characters’ clothing. The ship’s compasses start to misbehave and they are hit by the more violent aspects of the ocean, which is always used in these kinds of tales. And finally, there are many haunting scenes set aboard the Kerberos, with characters hearing voices and seeing ghosts, which alludes to the Bermuda Triangle and this fascination with ghost ships.

Is the Prometheus ship based on a real-life ship?

Early on in 1899, the Kerberos finds the Prometheus, a ship that is named after the Greek god of fire. This ship seems to have been abandoned in mysterious circumstances, much like the ghost ships of the Bermuda Triangle. There was once a HMS Prometheus that sailed in the 19th century, but it led an ordinary existence. The Prometheus in the show is not based on this steam vessel at all. The Prometheus and the Kerberos are entirely original ships in 1899, with no ties to any previous, real-life ships. Yet again, the creators may have been inspired by what they found whilst researching for this project. It’s great to see examples of Ancient Egypt and Greek mythology peppered throughout the series, adding another layer to the show’s own overarching mythology.

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