Where was the The Lost Lotteries filmed?

By Romey Norton
Published: November 19, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)

Where was the Netflix film The Lost Lotteries filmed? We discuss locations and settings for this streaming movie.

The Lost Lotteries is a comedy, heist-thriller film from Thailand that surrounds the story of a group of strangers who are down on their luck, who decide to join forces and steal back a winning lottery ticket worth millions from an evil, dangerous Mafia Boss. With 30 million baht at stake, will the teenage team be successful?

Each team player has something unique to bring to the table in this heist, including characters like Wen, a movie extra, Zoe, a funny MC, Beat, who’s a poor locksmith, and Khung who’s failing at life trying to be a salesman. This certainly makes me think that these losers in life will struggle to try to con and take on the mafia. 

Written and directed by Prueksa Amaruji and produced by Ekachai Uekrongtham (Beautiful Boxer, Girl From Nowhere). The film stars Wongravee Nateetorn as Tay, Phantira Pipityakorn as Beat, Padung Songsang as Wen, Napapa Tantrakul as Zoe, Somjit Jongjohor as Khung, and Thanaporn Wagprayoon as Toi. The film has a runtime of one hour and forty-six minutes, and there are subtitles available.

The subject matter in the film is universally relatable. Who hasn’t played the lottery, or dreamed of winning? So hopefully, with the host being the ever-growing Netflix, this film will be watched not just by locals but worldwide. I know I’ve been longing for a new comedy to watch, so get the 16th of November set in your diaries as this is when The Lost Lotteries will be available for streaming. 

Where was the Netflix film The Lost Lotteries filmed – a breakdown of locations

So far, all we can see is that the film was filmed in Thailand. No specific locations have been mentioned. 

Dozens of foreign films have been shot in Thailand, with the kingdom either playing itself or a neighboring country, such as Cambodia or Vietnam. Its beautiful scenery, exotic jungles, beach settings, tax rebates, and low production costs make Thailand an attractive location for filming not only for Hollywood but smaller film production companies and even Bollywood. Some examples of films that have been set in Thailand are, Around the World in 80 Days and The Beach. It’s also been used in stand-in-settings for the Vietnam war era with films such as The Killing Fields and The Deer Hunter. 

The hope is that this heist-comedy film will promote Thai pop culture abroad and open doors of opportunity for future filming there. This will hopefully drive tourism to the country, especially after the world being locked down for almost two years, tourists will be itching to travel, and seeing famous filming locations makes for a great social media post. Although in the past tourists were criticized for damaging the environment, let’s hope the land has had time to rebuild. Even Though Thailand is on the map, it might be a while before it can compete with South Korea as a cultural powerhouse. All eyes are on you, Thailand. 

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