The Lost Lotteries ending explained – does Tay’s plan work?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 19, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film The Lost Lotteries, which will contain spoilers. Does Tay’s plan work? Let’s find out.

The Lost Lotteries is one of the whackiest and most fast-paced films you will watch on Netflix. The film, according to IMDB, is about five down-on-their-luck strangers who must band together to steal back winning lottery tickets worth millions from a wicked mafia boss.

The concept is really interesting and it’s fun to see how the team works together to steal back winning lottery tickets. It seems like such an impossible feat because everyone knows that lottery tickets are winners. How can one steal the winning tickets?

Well, I’m sure we’ve all thought about doing this from time to time. The five of them have to face many obstacles along the way and even take on a reckless crime boss. They have to ward off his henchmen and even end up in an illegal backroom boxing match just to get those lottery tickets.

The obstacles constantly change the dynamic of the five of the moving forward because of all the curveballs.

Tay (Wongravee Nateetorn) is a business student and all he wants to do is succeed in life. He is constantly faced with bad luck and doesn’t know how to get out of it. Ever since his mom fell through an open sewer, Tay has gotten into a different mindset to help his mother.

So, he starts selling lottery numbers after school. He tries his best until his boss gets in the way (who has secrets of his own) and sends his goons over to Tay’s mom’s house. They have no money to pay back the loan that his mom took out; the lottery tray and all of its tickets are taken out. 

The Lost Lotteries ending explained

At first, the plan does work for the most part, and there are only a few obstacles along the way. And the friends remain hopeful that this will continue. In the end, they are all in one location as one of the henchmen holds Tay’s mom hostage.

Tay begs him to let her go but he is forceful in telling them to hand over the tray of tickets. In the last second Tay beats the gun out of the henchmen’s hand and a group fight ensues with a really wicked camera angle.

They’re all surrounding the gun and the tickets as they’re spinning around, then they hear a gunshot. To Tay’s dismay, the bullet had wounded his mother and it really is his fault because he lunged for the gun.

Tay’s mother falls to the floor as Tay is looking over her. The henchmen aim the gun again, but at the last second, the mafia group came up behind him and shot him. The way this film is edited places different conversations in odd parts for it to all come back together again.

Here, they have many different plans and even though his mother got shot, it’s the only plan that worked. After being held at gunpoint, the crew decided not to risk their lives for millions of dollars because of all the mess they got into.

Sure, the dream to get money is there, but it’s not worth getting into harm’s way. Luck was on their side when they looked inside one van near the lake, they see a rooster with a diamond necklace around its neck and they see it as good luck. One of the friends googles the rooster and apparently, the rooster was worth around $8 million dollars. They finally got everything they wanted and the film ends with all of them figuring out what to do with their life.

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