Wednesday season 1 ending explained – who is the monster?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 23, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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An action packed, explosive finale. “A Murder of Woes” really ends the season with a bang. There’s some great moments throughout the episode and a surprisingly nostalgic score as well. Although some of the sillier supernatural plot devices feel a little labored at times. Overall, this is an enthralling end to Wednesday’s first semester at Nevermore.

We recap the Netflix series Wednesday season 1, episode 8, “A Murder of Woes,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) has had many visions throughout the series, and they are yet to be proven wrong. In the last episode’s climactic scene, Wednesday kissed Tyler (Hunter Doohan) and had a horrifying vision – Tyler as the monster. Are her psychic abilities right on the money once again or have they finally deceived her? In the Netflix original’s action-packed finale we find out who the monster is, who Laurel Gates truly is, and what their joint plan was all along. It’s a really explosive end to the season, one that will surprise and entertain in equal amounts. So, let’s delve into the season finale of Wednesday.

Wednesday season 1, episode 8 recap – who is the monster?

“A Murder of Woes” begins with Tyler and Wednesday meeting in the woods in the dead of night. Wednesday suspects Tyler of being the monster and ponders his reasons for killing Dr. Kinbott. Wednesday joins all the dots together, realizing that Kinbott was getting too close, she had to go. Tyler even wounded himself as a genius stroke of misdirection. Tyler denies everything but is kidnapped by Wednesday and the other Nevermore students, thanks to Bianca’s siren call. They tie him up in Xavier’s art studio, but he continues to deny absolutely everything.

Wednesday isn’t scared of getting her hands dirty though, she prepares her torture devices and Tasers Tyler. The students are overwhelmed by this sudden mood change and flee. They inform Principal Weems, who in turn calls Sheriff Galpin. Wednesday is quickly arrested, just before she gets the chance to swipe at Tyler with a hammer. Has she lost her mind or is she truly onto something here? At the station, Galpin lets her off with a warning, due to her assistance in capturing Xavier. In a terrifying, but private exchange, Tyler admits to being the monster, stating how he enjoys killing and is after her next. Weems has Wednesday expelled for this heinous act and she goes to pack her bags.

Before Wednesday leaves, she pays Eugene a visit. He’s slowly recovering and can sit up in bed now. She says her goodbyes and Eugene talks about the explosion he witnessed at the cave, the night of the dance before he was viciously attacked. He remembers seeing a figure in red boots. Wednesday realizes that Marilyn is in fact Laurel Gates. She heads over to Marilyn’s classroom to confront the criminal. Wednesday lays out the entire scheme. Marilyn was controlling Tyler, using a plant-derived chemical. Marilyn orders Tyler to kill Wednesday, but it is actually a trick. Weems was pretending to be Tyler the whole time and heard the entire confession from Marilyn. Unfortunately, Marilyn kills Weems for this betrayal and knocks Wednesday unconscious before they can have her arrested.

Wednesday wakes in Crackstone’s crypt, tied up and surrounded by candles. Marilyn explains how she is a descendant of Crackstone, and just like the founding father, she wants all outcasts eradicated. She plans on resurrecting Crackstone using the body parts Tyler collected. It would seem that Wednesday’s blood is the key to unlocking Crackstone’s tomb, and a blood sacrifice is required. The body parts and Wednesday’s blood are used to summon Crackstone from the dead. His first act is to stab Wednesday and leave her for dead. Marilyn and the zombie Crackstone head to Nevermore to finish off the remaining student population. Goody appears and heals Wednesday back to full health with the powerful talisman Morticia gave to her.

Enid goes searching for Wednesday and starts to finally wolf out, morphing into a werewolf for the first time. Tyler then morphs into the monster and attacks Wednesday. Enid comes to her defense and fights off the Hyde. Meanwhile, Crackstone breaks into the school and starts to cause bedlam with his magic stick. Isn’t it ironic that he hates the magical students, but possesses a magical power of his own? The school is evacuated and Wednesday grabs herself a rather large sword to take on the undead pilgrim.

Wednesday season 1, episode 8 ending explained

Sheriff Galpin finds the monster and a werewolf scrapping in the woods. He shoots at the monster, then Enid dropkicks the Hyde for a final blow. Tyler morphs back into his fragile human form and is cradled in his father’s arms. Wednesday takes on Crackstone, but he is too powerful. He manages to send Xavier’s arrow flying right back at him, but Wednesday intercepts, taking the hit. Crackstone gains the upper hand and heads over to kill the outcast. Fortunately, Bianca appears, stabbing Crackstone from behind and saving Wednesday’s life. The Addams girl then stabs Crackstone in his black heart, finishing off the job. The founding father melts away into nothingness. Eugene sends his army of bees to attack Marilyn, finally bringing some peace back to the Academy.

After all the bloodshed, the school is closed early and the students say their goodbyes until the next semester. Wednesday seems to have been fully accepted in the school now. Xavier even presents her with a gift, her first phone. He states that his number is already in the phone if she would like to text him once in a while. Wednesday is whisked away in the Addams family hearse. She opens her new phone and sees that an unknown sender has left her a few messages. These include secretive snapshots of Wednesday and the line – I’m watching you. Wednesday narrates how she has landed her first stalker and that they may be her new nemesis too. As the car drives away, we see Tyler in chains morphing back into his Hyde monster once more. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Tyler or Wednesday and this whimsical world.

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