Story recap – what happened in Wednesday season 1?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 23, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This is a story recap of the Netflix series Wednesday season 1, which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

There is quite a lot going on in the Netflix original series Wednesday. You have the eponymous student’s misadventures as a teenager at a new school, Nevermore Academy, where she struggles to make friends, fit in or fall in love. Then you have a murder mystery possibly involving a monster on the loose. There are secret societies, the illustrious history of the school, and the coming-of-age tale of a psychic to deal with. Wednesday definitely has its work cut out, but for the most part manages to balance all these spinning wheels just fine. For those who would love a quick recap of the entire series, then look no further. Here’s what happened in each episode of Wednesday:

Story recap – what happened in Wednesday season 1?

Episode 1 – “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe”

Wednesday is expelled from her high school for attempted murder. She tried to kill her brother Pugsley’s bullies by throwing live piranhas into their pool. She is sent to her parent’s old school, Nevermore Academy, a place for outcasts. The Principal accepts her late entry due to good grades and the family’s history at the school. Roommate Enid shows Wednesday around the school, introducing her to all the cliques. Gomez tasks Thing (the sentient hand) with spying on Wednesday in secret, but she soon finds the handy sidekick. Sheriff Galpin hunts down a serial killer or monster that is targeting hikers in the area. Wednesday falls out with popular kid Bianca and new therapist Dr. Kinbott. Xavier saves her from death. Wednesday befriends townie Tyler (the Sheriff’s son) and asks him to help her escape from Nevermore. She has a psychic vision that Rowan is in danger, although he tries to kill her instead, believing her to be pure evil, as depicted in an old drawing. Then the monster kills Rowan.

Episode 2 – “Woe is the Loneliest Number”

Rowan seems to be very much alive in episode two, even though Wednesday witnessed him being mauled to death. Principal Weems expels Rowan for unknown reasons. Wednesday joins Eugene’s beekeeping society. Thing follows Rowan to the station, where the student transforms into an older man and then Principal Weems, although Thing misses this important detail. At the crime scene, Wednesday finds Rowan’s glasses, still believing Rowan to be dead and Weems to be covering up his murder. Wednesday and Enid win the Poe Cup. Wednesday has more visions. Rowan’s drawing leads Wednesday to uncover the secret society of the Nightshades, which her parents were members of. She is taken captive in their lair.

Episode 3 – “Friend or Woe”

Bianca, Xavier, and the other popular students have re-launched the Nightshades Society. Xavier asks Wednesday to join them, but she declines. At Outreach Day, the students volunteer at Jericho’s local businesses. Wednesday switches jobs with Enid so that she can investigate Pilgrim World and the town’s mysterious founding father Joseph Crackstone, who also appears in Rowan’s drawing. In the Old Meeting House, Wednesday sees a painting of Goody Addams, who communicated with Wednesday in one of her visions. She visits the original Meeting House ruins and has a vision that explains how it burnt down. Crackstone locked supposed witches in there, including Goody, but she escaped. Xavier and Wednesday glimpse the monster, who they believe is human, after leaving a human-sized footprint in the mud. A Crackstone statue is unveiled. Thing blows it up as Wednesday plays her cello. A homeless man is killed by the monster.

Episode 4 – “Woe What a Night”

Wednesday snoops around the morgue, discovering that each of the monster’s victims is found with a body part missing. All the students are excited about the Rave’N Dance. Xavier tries to cover up the claw marks found on his neck. Wednesday follows him to his secret art studio, where he has been obsessively drawing the monster. She assumes he is the killer. Enid and Lucas (the Mayor’s son) decide to go to the dance together to make their exes jealous. Thing sets up Tyler and Wednesday in secret and they attend the dance together. Eugene goes to stake out a cave on his own after Wednesday ditches him. Lucas and the other Townies instigate a prank, causing red paint to rain down on all the guests. Eugene is chased and attacked by the monster.

Episode 5 – “You Reap What You Woe”

Eugene is left in a coma after the monster’s attack. It is Parents’ Weekend at Nevermore. Family therapy goes terribly when Wednesday brings up the murder of Garrett Gates, a crime that Gomez was accused of but never charged with. The Coroner commits suicide due to the guilt he felt for faking Garrett’s report all those years ago. Sheriff Galpin uses this as evidence and arrests Gomez. The family worries about Gomez’s sentencing and digs up Garrett’s grave. Wednesday realizes that Garrett was poisoned by Nightshade and a vision confirms that he tried to poison the Nevermore students, but accidentally poisoned himself instead, after fighting Gomez. This leads to Gomez becoming a free man. It is revealed that the Mayor tried to cover up the Garrett incident as well. Enid is pressured to wolf out by her parents but rejects their offers to take her to Lycanthropy conversion camp. Morticia explains her psychic powers in more depth to Wednesday. She realizes that Principal Weems is a shapeshifter and goes to confront her.

Episode 6 – “Quid Pro Woe”

Wednesday needs to contact dead relative Goody to help develop her psychic abilities, but her séance proves futile. Wednesday’s friends throw her a surprise birthday party at Crackstone’s crypt. Here she finds a quote that links to the vandalism in the previous installment. Wednesday has a vision of some creepy gates. Xavier explains that this is the entrance to Gates mansion. At the mansion, Wednesday sees the Mayor leaving the premises. He calls the Sheriff, asking to meet up, the Mayor has cracked the case. The Mayor is run over before speaking with the Sheriff though. The school goes into lockdown. Wednesday escapes with Enid and Tyler, they head to the mansion at night. They find the car that hit the Mayor and the victims’ body parts. Wednesday finds Garrett’s sister Laurel’s room and a music box. The monster attacks Tyler and they take him back to his house. The Sheriff finds them defying curfew and he bans Wednesday from seeing Tyler or from any further investigating. Principal Weems considers expelling Wednesday but gives her one last chance. Enid moves out after the night’s drama. The Mayor is left in a coma, a mysterious figure pulls the plug on his machine.

Episode 7 – “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now”

The staff and students attend the Mayor’s funeral. Wednesday chases a suspicious-looking guest, who happens to be her Uncle Fester, checking up on her. He is on the run and needs a place to lay low for a couple of days. Fester identifies the monster as a Hyde, and informs Wednesday to seek out Faulkner’s diary on the beast. The diary explains that the monster lives dormant in a person, and can be unleashed by hypnosis or a traumatic event. Once unleashed, that person can control the monster. She suspects Dr. Kinbott and Xavier. Tyler takes Wednesday on a romantic date. Somebody has broken into Wednesday’s room and left Thing for dead in the meantime. Fester brings Thing back to life with electroshocks. Bianca and Lucas update Wednesday on Laurel Gates, who the Mayor was investigating. They suspect Laurel of being the murderer, as she wanted revenge on those that wronged her brother. Wednesday believes Dr. Kinbott is actually Laurel Gates and confronts her, but the doctor is subsequently killed by the monster. Wednesday has Xavier arrested. Wednesday kisses Tyler, which causes her to have another vision – she believes Tyler is in fact the monster now.

Episode 8 – “A Murder of Woes”

Wednesday and her fellow students kidnap Tyler. He denies being the monster, although Wednesday starts to torture him into confessing. The other students leave and tell the Principal, who calls the Sheriff. Wednesday is arrested but isn’t charged. Tyler admits to being the monster in secret to Wednesday. Wednesday is expelled. Eugene wakes from his coma and Wednesday pays him a final visit. He talks about seeing a figure in red boots cause the explosion at the caves. Wednesday realizes that Marilyn is Laurel Gates. She confronts the teacher, who confesses. Principal Weems pretends to be Tyler and witnesses the confession, but Marilyn kills her. Wednesday is used as a blood sacrifice to help resurrect Crackstone, alongside the body parts the monster collected. Crackstone stabs Wednesday. Goodie then heals Wednesday. Tyler morphs into the monster and attacks Wednesday. Enid wolfs out and fights the monster. Crackstone attacks the students at Nevermore, and Bianca and Wednesday stab him to death. Eugene’s bees attack Marilyn. Enid dropkicks Tyler and the Sheriff shoots him. He morphs back into his human form and is arrested. School is closed early. Xavier gifts Wednesday with her first phone, she then finds out that she is been stalked.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Netflix series Wednesday Season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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