The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, episode 3 recap – how does Leighton handle being out?

By Ricky Valero
Published: November 24, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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Reneé Rapp is starting to break out in the role of Leighton in a HUGE way. Episode 3 might be my favorite of the series to date.

We recap the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 3, which contains spoilers.

The season 2 premiere of The Sex Lives of College Girls was filled with laughs, drama, and storyline pieces moving along. The ladies have so much to unpack while trying to navigate college. Will Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) find a way to pay for school? Is Leighton (Reneé Rapp) going to be able to accept being out? Let’s dive in.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 3 recap – how does Leighton handle being out?

While Leighton is trying to film some content, their neighbor is at it having loud sex, distracting them all. Next, we see Kimberly leave as she tells the loan officer that her co-signee has bailed. The noise had calmed down, but as soon as Leighton started to film again, the sex continued.

Whitney tells Bela she will join her in Biochem class because she is looking for a challenge. However, Bela thinks she is out of her mind as it is her most challenging class, and she is only taking it because of her parents. The loan officer advises her to get the best grades to maximize her chance of getting into better schools next semester. As she leaves the office, she notices a pamphlet about getting money for selling their eggs.

Leighton put her face on the dating app and is not getting notifications left and right. She finally feels comfortable being out and wants to make up for all the time she has been in the closet. Whitney and Bela are in BioChem class, and things go awry when they talk and annoy the other kids. They both get in trouble, and the teacher mentions that once you fall behind in this class, you never get back on track.

Kimberly runs into Jackson, and she freaks out cause he might’ve seen the pamphlet that dropped out of her hands. The ladies in the dorm discuss what happened at Biochem when Bela overhears someone in Leighton’s room. Leighton comes out with the girl from class, and the ladies stare happily at her as she leaves. Bela asks about a hundred questions, and Leighton says that she is an adult and can do what she wants in her dorm room.

While at dinner, the short king and Bela have started to have some intimate discussions, and the ladies hear all about it. Then, Kimberly tells them about her idea of selling her eggs for money to pay for college. While slightly hesitant, the girls are overly supportive of Kimberly. Finally, Whitney’s mom calls her (as her assistant scheduled), and she tells her about the new class she is taking, which leads to her mom doubting her. All of this is causing Whitney to prove everyone wrong.

Next, we get a montage of Leighton sleeping with a bunch of women while Bela finally sleeps with the new short king. Bela is in the dorm bragging about her new short king and his p***s. Leighton returns to the dorm, and everyone asks about the girls she has been seeing. Each of them talks about specific girls they liked, leading to Leighton telling everyone about who, what, when, and how with her dating life.

Bela and Eric are together, and she is laughing about something she is writing. She tells him she is writing about shorts kings who are unexpected sex gods. Eric thanks her, but Bela confronts him by saying he is not a short king, and they have a funny back and forth. In class, Kimberly is struggling with the decision about selling her eggs. Jackson saw her leave class and found her to check in on her. He comforts her and says he hopes she doesn’t have to go.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 3 ending

Whitney and Bela are discussing their Biochem test, and when they arrive at their dorm, their friends are lingering and listening to Leighton fighting with someone. Apparently, all the women she has been seeing have intertwined, causing a massive blowup. Next, Whitney storms in to save the day, saying Leighton can bang who she wants and kicking them out. Back at Biochem, they got awful test scores, and Bela wants to quit, but Whitney says she will stay with her.

The episode ends with Kimberly wandering around campus, where she finally pulls the trigger and makes an appointment to sell her eggs. Shortly after, Leighton goes to the doctor because she has some issues and finds out she has clematis.

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