Riches season 1 ending explained – who is behind the missing money?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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The final episode of Riches was nothing short of spectacular, wrapping up one of Prime Video’s best original series to date. Incredible work that makes me want a season two.

We recap the Prime Video series Riches season 1, episode 6 recap, “Forgive, Maybe, Forget, Never,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

We’ve had a whirlwind of events happen throughout season 1 of Riches. The series has played as one big chess match that has seen Nina (Deborah Ayorinde) take on the rest of her family ever since her father’s will announced that she was taking over the business. So how does the first season come to a close? Let’s dive in.

Riches season 1, episode 6 recap

The episode begins with Nina grilling Andre about him being the person that is behind the missing money. However, while the evidence points to him, Nina realizes that Gideon is the man behind it all, but they don’t have enough to clear his name. While Andre wants to take care of this now, Nina settles him down and says they need to work together to get the proof they need. They need to move fast, or Gideon will get away with this permanently.

The kids have cracked open the safe, but Claudia isn’t picking up the phone. So the kids decide to call Gideon because they know he will know what to do. However, while putting the paperwork back in the safe, Alesha finds the adoption paperwork and hides it from the rest of the crew.

We move back to Nina and Simon, where Simons says he will give his shares to Nina because this is what she wants, and his family is in New York. Next, the duo heads to the office to sign some papers. Then, they inquire about the missing money by dropping some subtle hints to Gideon, who says he can’t believe Andre would do something like this and hopes that the police bring him down. Finally, Maureen turns in her resignation to Nina.

Alesha is starting to be concerned with what is going on with Nina and Simon, as they have been a bit MIA since the company was returned to them. She calls her mom to ask about the documents she found where it said their dad couldn’t adopt Wanda. Claudia drops her glass on the floor and tells her she is coming back into town ASAP and for her not to show those papers to anyone. Shortly after getting off the phone, Claudia has a breakdown.

We discover in his research by diving deep into Gideon’s background and how he was scamming the company for money for years. However, as they leave the house, Alesha sees Andre and Nina together but calls Gideon to tell him that he caught them together. Next, Nina addresses Alesha about the papers, but Alesha confronts her about Andre, and Nina realizes that she spoke to Gideon, which blows their entire cover.

Riches season 1 ending explained

Nina gathers the entire family to talk about Gideon before mass chaos breaks loose; they all reel it in a little to try and figure out their next move. Finally, after putting the pieces together, Nina and Andre head to confront Gideon. Andre starts to reveal piece by piece what Gideon did with the money. Nina reminds him that the only way they get past this is if he pays them every dollar back. Deborah Ayorinde did what she has done all season as Nina and delivered a KNOCK-OUT dialogue in this scene.

Nina and Andre head out, Gideon chases down the duo to mention the paperwork trail, and Nina says he doesn’t get to sleep at night because of what he did to kill her father. As the family begins celebrating, Nina and Simon’s mother arrive to confront them. When Claudia gets home, someone has broken into her house. Meanwhile, back at the club, the family is partying, but Sasha gets confronted by a man who intends to teach her a lesson for what her boyfriend did.

And we move back to the house, where we see Gideon is the one that broke into Claudia’s house. He confronts her and says he knows what she did (insinuating that she killed Stephen and that he will come for her when the time is right. In the office, as the series comes to a close, Nina dug into her father’s final words during the will. She realizes that there is the sixth kid, and we get a montage of her talking and a kid getting home and hugging his mother, and it is Maureen, her father’s assistant. WOW.

What did you think of Riches season 1, episode 6, and the ending? Comment below.

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