Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 7 recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 9, 2022 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
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Part 2 is a strong return for this K-Drama series, and while many will still be able to predict what happens next, it’s still a worthy remake.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 7, which contains spoilers.

We haven’t had to wait too long for part 2 of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic AreaOne of the main issues with this series is that it’s too close to the original Money Heist. However, so far, it’s been an impressive remake. As we enter episode 7, the heist at the Mint is still in limbo, with North and South Korean politics still on the peripheral. Let’s recap.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens up with a flashback; Cha Moohyuk is tracking down a double agent. He ends up fighting the target and brings him down with ease — he mocks him for being weak, stating that he was trained better. The man tells him that the “division is over” and the “North is considered as disposable.” In an angry response, Moohyuk hangs the double agent with chains. The narration tells us that Cha Moohyuk had to embrace a new era soon after.

In the present day, Captain Cha Moohyuk confronts The Professor outside his cafe and introduces himself. He obviously has a hunch. The Professor makes him a coffee and gives him food, playing it cool. Captain Cha explores the backrooms, pretending to go to the bathrooms. He gathers evidence so he can run fingerprints on The Professor.

Seon Woojin has figured out that the heist team is printing money in the Mint. She believes one of the hostages slipped a ripped-up note into her pocket. She thinks a change of strategy with this information gives their task team an advantage. And then, Seon Woojin learns that the higher-ups want them to stop wiretapping the Mint.

Anne, the Ambassador’s daughter, is still in the Mint. Ambassador Marshall is growing impatient and makes demands — he wants his daughter out. There’s pressure on North and South Korea to work together to resolve the heist. Kim Sangman sends a broadcast message to the heist team and asks them to release the hostages. He offers immunity to the person who helps the hostages.

Rio is impacted by the message. Tokyo checks up on him, but he reassures her that he’s not going to betray the team – his parents are featured on the broadcast. Meanwhile, Anne receives a private note while she is in the bathroom; someone has supposedly offered to help her escape.

Seon Woojin meets her ex-husband Kim Sangman and tells him that the heist team can print out unlimited money due to the plans to unify economically. She’s annoyed that he sent a broadcast to the heist team and that he asked one of the robbers to sneak out Anne, putting the girl in danger. She tells him to call the operation off. However, their argument is heated; Sangman tells her he will call off his operation if she gives him full custody of their daughter. How manipulative.

Woojin rings The Professor and tells him that one of his team is going to betray them and kill Anne. The heist team panics and looks for Anne. They realize she is missing.

Tokyo checks the cameras with Rio, and they see that someone put a bomb in the vault. Rio and Tokyo sprint towards the vault, realizing that is where Anne is. Anne opens the vault door, and the bomb timer is counting down. The bomb goes off just as Rio tackles Anne to the ground. The explosion is heard around the Mint, causing panic amongst the hostages.

The hostages are relieved to see that Anne is safe.

The heist team investigates, wondering who tried to kill Anne, but they come up with nothing. Meanwhile, the hostages talk to Anne; they want to work together to escape, realizing that they cannot trust the police anymore.

Woojin rings The Professor, growing impatient with their negotiations. She wants them to progress, suspecting that he is not in the Mint himself. However, The Professor does not play ball.

Woojin then talks to her task team, stating she will no longer tolerate interference from politicians who do not care about human lives; she knows they are more concerned about the unification funds. She wants to cut off the Mint’s electricity to stop them from printing.

Woojin’s team intercepts text messages; they are between Captain Cha and one of the robbers. They now believe Cha is a mole for the heist team. In the Mint, it’s confirmed that the Professor asked Rio to send out fake messages from Captain Cha to set him up. Meanwhile, Cha is impatient at the police station, wanting fingerprint identification. However, a few agents try to arrest him, but he fights them off and locks himself in a room. He looks at files regarding the fingerprints before escaping.

In the Mint, Berlin accuses Rio of being the traitor. The Professor does not want there to be chaos caused by the one traitor, so tells Berlin, Tokyo, and Rio not to start pointing fingers.

Woojin is shocked about Captain Cha. She knows he suspected someone and is doubting that he’s a mole. He remembers Cha asking her about The Professor.

The Professor and Cha end up in a violent altercation, but the Professor drugs Cha, putting him to sleep. However, Woojin’s mother sees the commotion outside. He heads inside the house and points a gun at her. She’s on the phone with Woojin, but The Professor soon realizes that the mother has a degenerative brain disease and has suddenly forgotten what happened. So he does not kill her. However, it was clear that The Professor was emotionally compromised due to his feelings for Woojin.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 7 ending

The hostages are plotting against the heist team, with Cho Youngmin leading the plans. Meanwhile, Berlin is distracted, still accusing Rio of being a traitor.

When The Professor heads back to the cafe, Woojin is outside. She tells him she doesn’t really know him, which catches The Professor by surprise, so he invites her inside. When they get inside, she points a gun at his back and asks him to walk upstairs. However, when they head upstairs, she sees nothing suspicious. She apologizes to him for thinking he was a suspect in the heist.

The Professor gets emotional and tells Woojin they should end things. Deep down, he knows he needs to give up his romance for the grand plan. A heartbreaking end to episode 7.

Rio gets more frustrated at the accusations aimed at him. Berlin tells Nairobi that Rio is the main suspect because his parents appeared on TV as part of the broadcast message. Berlin points the gun at Rio, but Tokyo points a gun at Berlin. It’s checkmate.

As the episode ends, Oslo delivers water for the hostages. As he’s about to be ambushed, The Professor sees it unfold on camera. Meanwhile, Woojin orders her task force team to turn off the electricity. As it looks like Olso is about to be beaten by a baseball bat by Park Chulwoo, the lights turn out.

Part 2 is a strong return for this K-Drama series, and while many will still be able to predict what happens next, it’s still a worthy remake.

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