The Big 4 ending explained – who was really behind Petrus’s murder?

By Lori Meek
Published: December 15, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2023)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film The Big 4, which will contain spoilers.

The Big 4 is an action-packed crime comedy thriller that dropped on Netflix

The Premise, according to my review: 

The movie centers on a group of four vigilante assassins formed of Topan (Abimana Aryasatya), Alpha (Lutesha), Jenggo (Arie Kriting), and Pelor (Kristo Immanuel), who are forced into retirement after their mentor, Petrus (Budi Ros), is murdered by a former student. 

Years later, the four are forced to reconnect when Petrus’s daughter, Dina (Putri Marino), makes her way to the island they’ve been laying low at. Dina is a police officer working under the command of Petrus’s lifelong friend, Hassan. As the young woman never stopped investigating her father’s murder, her arrival on the island draws the attention of Antonio (Martino Lio), the man who killed Petrus and who’s now determined to get rid of the rest of the old man’s family. 

The Big 4 ending explained – who was really behind Petrus’s murder?

After the second big fight between Antonio’s men and our heroes, the villain captures poor Pelor and threatens to kill him if Topan doesn’t meet him back at the hotel. Dina, Topan, Jenggo, and Alpha get ready for the final confrontation. 

The next day, at the hotel, Alpha detonates a homemade bomb she lovingly named “Lucifer’s fart,” killing most of Antonio’s henchmen. In the hotel, Dina fights and manages to blow the head off Antonio’s one-eyed henchman, while Alpha gets in a one-to-one fight with his badass secretary. Eventually, Jenggo and Alpha kill the secretary by throwing a gun inside her bazooka, leading to her being pulverized.

Upstairs, Topan is still fighting Antonio, who makes it clear that he was not the one who planned Petrus’s murder but refuses to give the name of his employer away. As Antonio is about to kill Pelor, Topan starts calling him by his real name: Surrantu. For some reason, being called by his birthname triggers Antonio and distracts him enough for Topan to overpower him. In the ensuing struggle, Antonio falls out the window without revealing the name of his boss, leaving The Big 4 none the wiser as to who actually ordered the hit on Petrus. 

Being the good police officer she is, Dina reveals that she called for backup but promises a fair trial for Topan and his three siblings. Instead of replying, he kisses her while secretly tying her up with her own handcuffs, giving the four a chance to escape before more police arrive at the scene. 

In a final scene, we finally find out that it was none other than Hassan, Petrus’s best friend, and Dina’s de-facto uncle who ordered his murder. But Hassan didn’t work alone, he’s been taking orders from a mysterious woman with an eye patch. And the film ends with her vowing to put an end to The Big 4 and Dina once and for all. The only real question remains: Will there be a sequel? 

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