The Recruit season 1, episode 3 recap – who did Max Meladze kill?

By Adam Lock
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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“Y.D.E.K.W.Y.D.” is another fun and busy installment, although the series is evidently losing its charm somewhat. Owen’s misadventures continue to take him on some entertaining missions, whilst Meladze’s backstory takes shape. It just feels a little generic at times and the production value has evidently dipped since the opening double bill.

We recap the Netflix series The Recruit season 1, episode 3, “Y.D.E.K.W.Y.D.,” which contains spoilers.

Owen’s (Noah Centineo) time in Vienna quickly comes to an end and the rookie lawyer is whisked off to his next international destination. In “Y.D.E.K.W.Y.D.”, Owen is sent to help assist a floundering Lester (Colton Dunn) in Lebanon. This fun third installment takes Owen on more agency misadventures, whilst the newbie goes on a date with a co-worker and he continues to negotiate terms with the slippery Meladze (Laura Haddock).

The Recruit season 1, episode 3 recap

At the end of the previous episode, we left Owen swimming in an icy river in his new suit. We pick up moments later, as he exits this river onto dry land. Owen is instantly met by four suspicious-looking strangers, who all happen to be spies. They want details on Owen’s mission. He promises them that he is not a spy, just a lowly lawyer. They only believe him when he proves his naivety.

Next, Owen goes shopping for new clothes to replace his soaked suit. He’s now ultra-paranoid and glances around the shop from left to right in an anxious manner. His situation is only heightened when he speaks with Meladze. She wants to know who Owen met with, but he refuses to supply names. Meladze gives him two days to get her out of prison, or else she starts naming names herself.

Back at work, Owen meets with Nyland to update his boss on the European adventure. Meladze is soon transferring prisons and Nyland wants Owen to make sure the hearing goes accordingly. No rest for the wicked, Owen is back on his travels once more. Leaving the car park in a daze, he’s nearly run over by Lester. The rookie asks Lester if his paranoid temperament is justified and Lester confirms that everyone is out to get you in the CIA. He says, anyone could try and kill you, although it is unlikely to happen on American soil and the CIA could even search your home at a moment’s notice.

And that’s exactly what happens, or it certainly looks like it. Owen returns to his apartment which looks like its been raided only seconds earlier. It’s just messy though. Terence mentions Senator Smoot’s staffer Sarah Okongo, whose name is on Owen’s subpoena. Terence is good friends with Sarah and offers to put in a good word. Owen asks Terence to organize a meet-up, so he can sweet talk her into getting his subpoena dropped.

Down at the court hearing, Owen bumps into Kelly, who he met at the motel earlier. Her father (Salvatore Kwitny) is the one that Meladze murdered. Owen awkwardly lies about his involvement in the case and then sneaks into the back of the courtroom. Kelly loses her cool and screams at her lawyer, angered that Meladze is being transferred. The judge agrees to the terms and Meladze is moved. As she leaves the courtroom, Meladze provokes Kelly and a tussle follows. Owen speaks with Meladze in private, she asks for money for more burner phones.

Owen thanks Amelia for getting the feds to transfer his case. He starts to discuss the next steps, but Amelia just wants to be wined and dined. They organize a date for 9 pm that night. Owen will have to fly back to make the date in time. On his swift arrival, Amelia is less than impressed with Owen’s work suit and she offers him an expensive Gucci suit instead. Their date goes well, but Owen just wants to talk about work. He asks how he can get a murder case dropped. Amelia suggests talking to the Attorney General himself. She advises he emails with the code word: priority one.

Meanwhile, Meladze transfers to her new prison. She asks her new roommate for a burner phone and is directed to a blonde woman called Cora. Flashbacks reveal that Meladze and Cora have a history together. Meladze ran a safe house, which Cora stayed at for a few weeks. The women became friends, although Cora broke a rule and brought a guest in. This man then beat her within an inch of her life and left her for dead. Meladze saved her life, but Cora, who was on the run, ended up in jail because of this altercation anyway. Cora states that they are not friends, but she’ll hook Meladze up with a phone.

After his date, Owen meets with Terence and Sarah at a bar. She tells Owen that he needs to provide them with some real dirt on his boss, to a level that would destroy Nyland completely, or he’ll end up in court. Owen would then be forced to hand over everything, even classified information. Nyland then calls Owen out of the blue; he’s needed in Beirut.

Fearing the worst, Owen calls Meladze for some advice. But Meladze wants the case worker’s name in return. Owen describes Xander to her, still keeping the name a secret. In return, she tells Owen to watch out for the Americans. Not quite the information Owen was hoping for. Lester and Owen are then dispatched to Lebanon. Lester needs to convince a soldier to pay his child support, as his ex-wife is threatening to release classified information if he refuses. They need a signature from this very angry, intimidating individual.

Ending Explained

On the plane journey, Lester and Owen bond a little and discuss Xander Goi. Lester knows a little about this senior case officer, who has an obsession with pastries. Xander is ambitious and wants to work in Moscow, which means he needs a blemish-free file. The scandal with Meladze would jeopardize all he’s been working towards. In Beirut, they retire to their hotel rooms but are met by Dave, the angry soldier, and his men.

Dave refuses to sign the form and threatens Lester in the process. Owen brings out his lawyer spiel to scare Dave into signing. He says that if he refuses, his life is over. No one will employ him, he’ll be blacklisted. Dave signs and Lester is noticeably impressed. On returning to American soil, the Attorney General is already there, waiting for Owen. He believes Owen’s request to get Meladze out of jail is a prank and laughs it off. Owen pleads with the man, if Meladze blabs, it will cripple the agency.

A final flashback from Meladze, reveals how and why she killed Kelly’s father. He was a truck driver involved in some criminal activity and he happened to be the same man that beat Cora. Meladze spots this man at a petrol station and then beats him to death for what he did to Cora. She takes a bag full of money that he was carrying too. Back in the present, Meladze uses Owen’s info to track down Xander. She sends him a threatening message via a bakery.

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