Three Pines season 1, episode 6 recap – who killed Julia Morrow?

By Adam Lock
Published: December 16, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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“The Murder Stone Part Two” is melodramatic and cliched, ruining another enticing murder mystery with artsy dream sequences and illogical plotting. The ending is surprisingly rushed as well, feeling like an afterthought of sorts.

We recap the Prime Video series Three Pines season 1, episode 6, “The Murder Stone Part Two,” which contains spoilers.

The second part of the latest Three Pines double bill, titled “The Murder Stone Part Two”, addresses the Morrow family’s intricate backstory and unveils Julia Morrow’s killer. Yet there is more at play in this installment, as the Blue Two-Rivers (Anna Lambe) case finally falls into place, revealing a possible narrative involving police corruption. The series really comes apart at the seams though, descending into melodrama and further artsy dream sequences. It’s aiming for highbrow drama but falls short once again.

Three Pines season 1, episode 6 recap

Picking up from where we left off, Armand talks Thomas out of a painful death. As he persuades Thomas to lower the rifle, the eldest of Charles’ siblings apologizes to his father, admitting that he didn’t kill the stag all those years ago. He seems to have reverted back to a child and throws a tantrum inside the hotel. Armand is fully aware that Thomas lied about his alibi, which makes him the main suspect. Even his wife, Sandra, is suspicious of her own partner. To prove his innocence, the police take Thomas’ phone, he states that he was calling his creditors when Julia was killed.

Isabelle meets with Kevin Kis. The paranoid fugitive points a gun at the cop, but she manages to calm him down. He tells her that he, Blue, and Tommy were pulled over by the police. Kevin knew he’d be locked away, so he ran. In the nearby forest, he heard gunshots, and on returning, they were all gone. Kevin believes that Blue and Tommy’s disappearance is actually a police cover-up for murder. This puts Kevin in a tricky position, and he struggles to trust anyone on the force. Isabelle asks to speak with Armand, but Kevin is spooked and runs. Even Isabelle is paranoid after this twist, anxiously researching the incident at work.

Thomas and Sandra argue in soap opera-styled, melodramatic fashion. She thought he was having an affair, but he’s just about to declare bankruptcy instead. Phone records prove that Thomas was telling the truth and the odd couple seems happy once again. Peter walks in on Thomas’ celebrations, angered by his brother’s selfish attitude. These two siblings then argue. Peter steals his cuff-links and the two fight out on the lawn. It’s another odd sequence that is supposed to be played for comedy (I think), whilst highlighting the sibling rivalry and their immaturity.

Armand reassesses the carvings, realizing that there are four children, but five carvings. They discover that Charles kept altering his will and at one time considered a fifth inheritor, but this was eventually dropped. To Armand this is a fresh lead, there is a fifth member in this tale, who could possibly be the murderer. Discussing the fifth inheritor, Sandra reveals that Charles was having multiple affairs, it could be anyone. Then Peter and Thomas make amends.

Jean-Guy suspects hotel worker Elliot and rushes to his on-site bedroom. He breaks in and finds plenty of incriminating evidence. There’s a piece of paper that proves Elliot was forging Thomas’ handwriting, to later frame him with that letter. Elliot had another identity, and then the murder weapon itself, a bloodied shovel, is found hidden in his wardrobe. Maurice discovers that Elliot has stolen money as well. He’s clearly on the run. The police panic, but Yvette is to the rescue, arresting the man as he flees. Elliot confesses to being on the run as a fugitive but believes he’s been framed for the murder.

As usual, Armand cracks the case. He continually refers back to a family photo that featured the killing of the stag. He ponders who took the photo and goes to interrogate Maurice, the hotel manager. Maurice bolts and tries to escape, grabbing a knife from the kitchen. All the exits are blocked by the police though, so he takes Bean (Charles’ granddaughter) hostage instead, with a knife to her throat. This gets everyone’s attention and the whole cast surround the killer, unable to help.

Maurice reveals that Charles was his father, he was in fact the eldest son. Charles had an affair with Maurice’s mother and broke her heart. He chose the Morrow family over her and Maurice. Charles promised to give Maurice the hotel when he died but then went back on his promise. He worked for the man his entire life and was left with nothing in the will. Armand realizes that it was Maurice who shot the stag, not Thomas or Julia.

Ending Explained

This would be motive enough, but there is one final provocation that sealed Julia’s fate. Maurice told Julia about Charles’ dirty little secret, that Maurice was Julia’s half-brother. Julia wasn’t interested though and literally laughed in his face. This was the final nail in her coffin. Maurice lets go of Bean and is subsequently arrested for his actions.

While Armand solves yet another Three Pines case, Isabelle has been chasing up on Kevin’s accusations. She found CCTV footage that showed the police chasing after Kevin and the paranoid fugitive has finally asked to meet with Armand. After Maurice’s arrest, Armand and Isabelle decide to meet with Kevin in person. Armand has been handed another clue that backs up Kevin’s story. Forensics confirm that the blood splatter found at Kevin’s house looks staged. They head over to meet with Kevin, but he’s gone. He runs to a coach station but is surrounded and thrown in prison. Isabelle and Armand go to speak with Kevin and find him dead in his cell. Looks like the police feared Kevin would speak and have silenced their final witness. Now Armand and Isabelle must solve a case involving police corruption at the very heart of their own employment.

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